6 reasons why team engagement is important

Are you keeping your employees engaged? Team engagement is a challenge for businesses but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you make it a priority to engage your employees, your efforts will go a long way – from boosting work productivity to increasing revenue up to 26% per employee.

We’ve witnessed good businesses fall behind in terms of performance because of employees who cared less about meeting company goals. Indeed, team engagement has a direct influence over the future of any organisation – big or small. An engaged employee is one who finds meaning in his work, has a happy disposition, and maintains a positive relationship with others in his team.

Read on to discover the importance of team engagement for your company.

  1. Creativity 

One huge benefit your business gains out of having engaged employees is a boost in creativity. Who wouldn’t want creative team members? Sure, you do.

Highly competitive and thriving workplaces that need to keep up with the demands of their growing customers have to tap into new strategies to handle unexpected problems. This calls the need for creative employees to think outside the box.

Creative thinkers in your team help take your business to greater heights. You’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition instead of following the same work techniques.

  1. Engaged customers 

It’s all a cycle. When you keep your employees engaged, they also treat customers well and engage them in the process. A disengaged employee who frequently checks his phone at while accommodating a customer can make a bad impression. A mere lack of eye contact can be perceived as lack of interest.

An engaged team values the needs of customers, no matter how insignificant these needs may seem. So if you want to keep your most important asset, remember to show your employees you care for their interests as well.

  1. Positive coworker relationships 

Disengaged employees basically dislike everything – checking emails, making important decisions at work, and showing up early. Another telltale sign is the lack of cooperation with fellow team members. That manifests in gossiping, shyness, heated arguments, and chronic complaining.

Studies show that close friendships at work increase employee satisfaction by 50%. This demonstrates that team engagement and positive coworker relationships are tied together. The more you engage your employees, the better they’ll be at relating with others. Overall satisfaction is increased as an end result.

  1. Good staff retention 

It’s not easy having to frequently hire and train new people. That will cost you a lot of time, money, and effort. However, you’ll always suffer from a high turnover rate if you don’t do anything to keep your team satisfied.

Being able to retain your staff helps any company maintain its good performance. Remember than an unoccupied position means missed work deadlines which a company needs to compensate in the future. That causes stress and adjustments that could have been prevented.

Offer your current team members opportunities to advance their skills. Reward them accordingly for outstanding performance. Always stay in touch with them. Have a two-way communication.

  1. Advocacy 

Are your employees your brand ambassadors? Do they put you in a good light by setting good examples themselves?

Employees who take an active part in a company’s activities understand how their efforts fit into the big picture. They are in one with a company and are therefore inspired to share compelling brand stories to others.

When you create a sense of belonging among your employees, you’ll be surprised about how passionate they’ll be in spreading the word about the benefits of your business. 

  1. More sales 

Last but not the least, employee engagement matters because it makes your business more profitable. Boosting your sales is simple: Keep your team happy. Make them feel valued so they become more productive. There’s truth in the saying, “Great employees make a great business.”

Everybody in your team has a vital role to play in making more sales – whether or not he interacts with your customers. Simply being enthusiastic about work or being present everyday ensures smooth business operations.

There you have it, a list of 6 brilliant reasons on why you should engage your staff. Great employees are hard to come by. They’ll do wonders for your brand, taking your company forward. It will be much easier in the end the invest in your employees than constantly hire new ones. Connect with your team so you can achieve business results that matter.