Boost your career with English courses

Year on year, many people come to the UK to learn native English from the source. Still considered one of the most widely spoken languages, English is the language of international business. There are several benefits for people wishing to improve their English, ranging from opening better opportunities to achieving higher wages.

There are many schools offering language lessons, which are generally geared toward younger generation learners. TTI School offer courses designed for older learners, in their thirties and beyond, who are looking to improve their career prospects. Some of the many benefits of doing a course like this are noted below.

Career opportunities

As one of the most sought after languages, speaking English fluently and understanding its layers of meaning will really put you in good stead for opening new career opportunities. Really whatever your trade, good English will mean you can understand briefs and customers much better. In addition, getting to a high level of proficiency will open opportunities for translating and teaching, which are both solid and lucrative careers.

Improved odds

Being able to speak more than one language demonstrates your ability to stick at something and persevere. As well as increasing your ability to speak with colleagues and or customers in another language, there are several side effects of being able to speak multiple languages. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting any job you apply for. Editorial and exporting jobs particularly welcome language skills.

Added value

It’s possible that your new found improved skills will keep you in the current job, or offer you promotion. Speaking another language will increase your employability and add value to you as an employee. In addition to having the language skills, you will have knowledge of another culture. This adds further value as it means you are likely to connect well with people well, being empathic.

Higher wages

Your added value won’t go unrecognised. So sought after is language ability and flexibility that wages for those who speak additional languages can be up to 10% higher than their monolingual counterparts. IF you can speak multiple languages, you will become indispensable, which will raise your price tag significantly.

Learning a language as an adult can be daunting, but with the right guidance and opportunity it can really help you to achieve better things in your career.