Business marketing grows up: Top trends that have become best practices

Since there are so many millennials, it means that the buying decisions of consumers have been revolutionised. Companies are strategising their marketing practices accordingly. Here’s the proof: millennials are termed as the largest living group, according to U.S. Census Bureau.

Because millennials are a huge market segment, it’s crucial to tailor your marketing strategies according to the changing needs of this target audience. And for a truly technology-oriented generation, below are some tried-and-tested practices you can employ to take your business marketing to new heights.

The ease of building tech products

Many entrepreneurs and founders of small startups wear many hats. This highlights the importance or the need of using technology.

To cater to this growing segment, you need to be there for them and technology forms an imperative part of any business looking to compete seriously in today’s cut-throat market.

Information should be on your customers’ fingertips

This generation relies on fast and prompt information with the help of cell phones. Did you know that as many as 81% of millennials expect retailers to build apps that assist them in shopping and up to 74% of them are interested in receiving mobile-based alerts according to USA Today?

As a marketer, you can tap into this opportunity and provide relevant offers to customers directly on their cell phones. By providing them convenience and comfort, right in their hands, you can motivate them to buy more of your products/services.

For instance, Target’s app entices customers by providing them offers as they go through the different aisles and departments of their stores. So, if you’re running a retail business, you can ensure all product reviews are at your customers’ fingertips. This way, you can improve your business rankings and listings.

Personal branding on the rise

Many people have created awesome brands from scratch by using personal branding. The internet has furthered this by leveling the playing field.

Personal branding is needed more than ever and hence the tools for personal brands in the market are mushrooming day by day too. That’s because these tools help businesses gain individuality.

Personal branding tools include the use of Twitter and LinkedIn. Besides this, websites like can assist you in strengthening your local SEO results. This way, they help you make your brand more visible in the eyes of your customers.

Training remote employees is the norm

A few years ago, remote employees were totally unheard of and the concept was unimaginable. How can work be done remotely? However, these days, be it giants like IBM or mini-startups, remote hiring is a trend catching on fast!

Businesses are interested in hiring remotely more than ever. Meetings are held over Skype, and customer services and programming are done via computer with remote access to the internet.

All of this is possible – thanks to remote hiring. This business trend saves on travel costs too. With remote hiring, millennials have the ease of getting hired for the job no matter which part of the world they’re in.

The season of sale comes in

The brick and mortar businesses we see today were mostly built by the baby boomers. Having a physical location was extremely crucial to run a business. But now, everything is easily available online. That’s why consumers prefer buying online. But have the baby boomers accepted this trend too?

With the emergence of online stores, people are buying online. This indicates that baby boomers need to ensure that their businesses have an online presence. If they’re unable to accept this change, you’ll see many baby boomers selling their businesses (having a physical location) to save up some amount for their retirement.

E-commerce is here to stay and grow

E-commerce has made it incredibly easy for businesses to create and maintain their online presence. Did you know that 58% of online customers are willing to add more items in their shopping cart in order to meet the free shipping criteria? As the years progress, so will e-commerce and you’ll see a record increase in it.

The bottom line

If reading all these latest business marketing trends made you feel more informed about social media and business practices, then there’s another thing you should know about: these business trends are here to stay for longer. If you want your business to make it big in the corporate world, you need to be in line with these business marketing trends and follow them!

Collin Holmes, founded Chatmeter, Inc in 2009 and serves as chief executive officer