Take care of your tech and keep your business running

Many people don’t realise that a computer is simply a machine and like all electronic devices, it does have an expiration date. Sooner or later, the probability of needing a hard drive repair becomes a reality. To avoid a lengthy delay, it’s a good idea to have a professional and secure data recovery service sitting in the wings ready and able to assist. 

Importance of keeping your computer running

For a new business, still in the early development stages and just getting its feet into the water, any downtime or loss of files could bring on a rapid closure and loss of your dreams. Even the well-established company with years in the business can’t afford to lose their edge to a competitor by an operating system failure.

Know the warning signs of an impending hard drive failure

The good news is that for the most part, computers don’t just fail. In fact, they actually as a general rule, give you not so subtle warnings that they are on their way out. Disk errors and disappearing data are very common, as well as a slow, sluggish system that you actually can walk away from and do something else while it’s loading or starting up.

Also, if you hear an unfamiliar noise like a screeching, clicking or grinding sound, don’t just continue, alert a higher up that you believe you have a serious problem. As technology advances, hackers continue to develop sophisticated equipment that can break codes and corrupt files. These types of malware infections are more common to the small to medium business owner. The reason is that they simply don’t have the funds in their budget to combat cybercrime.

Contributing factors to a hard drive failure

In addition to malware infections, there are many other ways in which a hard drive failure may occur. Human error plays a role in the blame, as accidents will happen and a file can accidentally get deleted. This really comes down to your staff knowing more than just how to turn a computer on and off and how to operate the existing programs. Some formal training is needed to ensure that should an accident occur, your employees will know how to undo the damage quickly before it becomes overwritten.

Offices generally divide employees by partitions. If these are somewhat small then a computer can get pushed to the back of the wall. When this happens, it doesn’t get the proper ventilation it needed to operate properly and cool itself. Also, if you bring your work home that means that you a probably transporting either a laptop, tablet or smartphone. If this drops, the crash can cause serious damage to the hard drive.

Avoid lengthy repairs

In business, time is money. With companies needing to stay one step ahead of their competitor at all times, any time off the grid can cause your business to lose ground and even take the risk of failing. Instead, stay ahead of the game and have three things in place.

First, get your employees trained. You train them to your system and your business, but do you train for a possible computer failure. Everyone should have a basic understanding of what’s normal and what’s abnormal. Second, back up your files and keep them in a secure location. Everything you’ve worked hard to achieve is on your operating system. How much time and money would cost to replace it and start over? Backing up your computers is not just smart, it’s essential to your survival.

Third, when you think computer technician to think afterward. Well in a dog eat dog world you need to think of a quick fix for any scenario that may come your way and that includes the need for a hard drive repair. Unless you have experience in this field, it’s best to hire an outside company to handle restoring files. Simply put, a hard drive is not user-friendly, and once opened, you can actually cause permanent damage. Professionals know that dust and tiny airborne particles are the real threat.