4 ways to run your business more effectively

For owners of small businesses, time is everything. Unfortunately, there are often not enough hours in the day to adequately complete all of the tasks required to effectively run a business. From everyday administrative and financial tasks, to marketing and brand growth, and fulfilling services or shipping products.

When it comes to running your business, time management is essential, but this does not mean trying to squash all of your tasks into an unrealistically crammed timetable. Instead, here are 4 ways to make the most of your valuable hours and run your business more effectively.

Delegate to employees

When owning a relatively new or small business, it can be all too easy to get caught up and try to do everything on your own, but this can prove harmful to the success and longevity of your company. To make business hours more productive, delegate tasks to employees. Hire a part time staff member to handle administrative tasks or recruit an undergraduate intern to carry out your marketing strategy, freeing up time to implement your business plan and grow your company.

Outsource repetitive tasks

There are a variety of duties that are essential when running a business but they can be incredibly time consuming. To save those precious hours for what really matters, consider outsourcing data entry, social media marketing, accounts and bookkeeping, customer service and website design. Assigning these tasks to an external specialist means they will be completed in a more effective and timely manner, while also increasing your number of productive business hours.

Invest in training

For those looking to simply increase the speed with which they are able to complete business tasks, training could be the solution. It can be all too easy to approach administrative or repetitive tasks in the same manner, day in, day out. However, investing in training for new programmes, software or apps could save time, allowing yourself and your employees to tackle problems and duties in new, easier and more effective ways.

Utilise external shipping

From wrapping and posting parcels in a small home office, to SMEs shipping large amounts of orders, controlling the despatch and delivery process can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. One of the most effective and simple solutions is to utilise an external shipping company such as, who can offer lower rates, faster shipping and free up time to spend on core business activities.