Time management habits to develop in the next month

Effective time management is an art and one may need years to master it. “I’m short of time” is one of the most common excuses ever, in fact. What is ironic about this situation is the fact that a solar day ALWAYS consists of 24 hours and an average 25-year-old human being has actually had 25 years to get used to this law of nature and finally learn how to plan their day. This is still a challenge to many of us, but we are not afraid of challenges, right? Here are some advices to help you cope with it.

Learn to say “No”

How often do you regret you have not refused from something? It happens to each of us from time to time, although the only thing we need to avoid such regrets is to say “No” at the right moment. It is great to help people, but in some cases it is still important to know how to refuse if someone is asking for another favour. After all, the burden of someone else’s problems does not allow us to concentrate on our own lives, and that’s veeery time-consuming.

Be punctual

Punctuality is actually the key principle of effective time management. This trait is overwhelmingly important at the workplace – it is actually called the soul of business. After all, being late to an important meeting may demonstrate disrespect towards others. Put differently, learn to value time of other people and they will value yours.

Optimise your work process

In a few words, your main principle should sound like “Do more, faster and with less”. You will be surprised how much free time you will have if you organise your work life correctly. Even when at office, you’ll have an opportunity to work for your future. On the one hand, you could start learning something new and then find a better job. On the other hand, you could find an Internet-based hustle and create a source of additional income. Such options like freelance writing or HF trading would be perfect – they are not time-consuming and may be done whenever it is convenient to you.

Try new things

Experiments are an especially effective way to learn how to manage your time. Many of us think that a lot of things are impossible to change. “I am as I am” or “that’s the way the world wags” are very popular excuses. And still, that’s untrue. The only thing you need to make sure of this is to leave your comfort zone and try something new. After all, routine leads to procrastination and wasting of time, so why not you break it?