How to find a reliable courier

Whether you are a start-up or an SME, your growth will be built on the efficiency of how you work. This relates to the day-to-day running but also finding services where you can outsource parts for external expertise. Finding a courier service for parcel delivery is one of these things, so how can you find a reliable partner?

What do you need?

With so many couriers out there, the first step to using one is understanding what your needs are in terms of delivery. From same day delivery in your town or city to a quick international service, everyone has different needs so you can narrow the search that way.

The range of services is also key to finding the right company. Many will offer a couple of options but the more thorough the choice is then the better it can be for your company. Check what happens when you change local to national delivery on both price and timeframes.

Online tracking service

These days, a reliable tracking service is essential. Because of this, it is expected of every good courier company. This is because you get peace of mind that you know where items are every step of the way. Some options will show collection, depot arrival, sorting and departure but some may be able to give real-time updates with the delivery driver.


Finding out what people have to say about their services is usually a good indicator as to whether you should use a courier. Gauge reactions from unbiased reviews on websites like Trustpilot so you can see both good and bad opinions and how these are dealt with.

Customer service

Often, a company’s reputation will be set by the ability of their customer service team to solve problems. Any questions need to be promptly – and concisely – dealt with, whether that’s through an enquiry form, social media or email. Expect service with a smile because that will give you more confidence.


Make sure that you know exactly what to expect if one of your parcels is lost or damaged in transit. It is usual for courier services to have a standard compensation package available if something goes wrong and a reliable courier will have an insurance policy in case any problems do arise.


Getting a fair deal is paramount for any SME, so finding the right pricing is crucial. This does not necessarily mean that you want to be going for the cheapest option. Depending on what you are sending, where you are sending it to and how quickly it needs to arrive, there may be times when paying a premium to get the job done correctly may be just as important.

To sum up

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