Content for difficult sectors

If your business works in a sector with a great deal of legislation surrounding your marketing, or you are part of an industry dealing with health, illness or other sensitive subjects you might feel like you can’t capitalise on the benefits of content marketing.

content marketingMarketing agency every1 explain how that isn’t the case and how you can begin to approach difficult subjects effectively.

Strategy and what to avoid

All content needs to have some sort of strategy behind it, this is especially important when dealing with difficult subject areas.

A strategy can help you to plan what you are going to write about and can help to guide your approach to a topic. This is the easiest way to ensure you approach a topic in a way that avoids being:

  • Crass
  • Insensitive
  • Overly salesy

The risk that comes with getting this wrong is that you alienate your audience. Meaning your content is ineffective or at its worst an inconvenience and annoyance to a perspective reader that is attached to your brand.

Understand the facts

Research is absolutely crucial when writing about a difficult topic. You need to be as accurate as possible and present only facts.

Writing about something without any knowledge, such as a medical condition, can destroy any authority your content has. Which in turn can completely switch off a reader making your content completely ineffective.

Approaching a difficult area in a precise and factual way can help to avoid presenting any information that isn’t accurate or relevant. This can help to avoid offending people if you are writing about a specific illness, or presenting your brand or business as not being an authority in an area.


Some subject areas require a delicate approach. When writing about financial problems, terminal illnesses or risky medical procedures for example it is important that the tone of voice for your content is right.

A softer, sensitive tone, works well. Coupled with facts and accurate information you can create a piece that provides advice, guidance or reassurance in a way that approaches a topic with a degree of sensitivity.

You can’t shy away from certain facts or piece of information, but approaching them with a sympathetic tone can help make writing about them and prompting discussion much easier.

Call to action

Content about a difficult subject area can’t be salesy. Trying to attach a call to action to a piece of content needs to be done carefully. When dealing with a piece that focuses on a difficult topic your call to action should usually lead to more information or support, as opposed to a sales opportunity.

If you have to lead the reader to a product or service your content should be positioned as the answer to a specific question (guided by your strategy). You need to provide information and answer this question before you try and tie the piece into your services.

Keep these steps in mind:

  • Present the question
  • Answer the question
  • Present your services as a potential solution

Building trust and authority is a balancing act, if you try to sell your services during a piece about a hard topic you can sometimes alienate your audience.

There’s a fine line that content has to tread when dealing with difficult topics, taking the time to ensure you get the approach, tone and research right can reap rewards when presenting your business as an authority in a particular sector.