Five ways to make money at home using the Internet

If the automobile is like a shuttlecraft because it gets you from place to place really fast, the internet is like a transporter because it gets you everywhere instantly. Both inventions are great because they open new possibilities, and create alternate income streams.

By now, we have seen every possible way to make money with the automobile. You can sell them, deliver things in them, transport people in them, create, sell, and install accessories for them, maintain them, etc…

If anything, the internet opens even more possibilities. While the auto enables us to work away from home, the internet allows us to work at home. In an agrarian society, everyone works from home. Industrialisation means that everyone works away from home.

But the Information Age means that neither home nor office is a necessity. We can choose what works best for us. New technology always opens up new opportunities for work. Here are 5 ways the internet enables you to work from home if you so choose:

  1. Cryptocurrency mining

At the beginning of the gold rush, everyone grabbed a pickaxe and headed west. The hills were crammed with undiscovered gold. And it was relatively easy to get a piece of it. But as time passed, it became more difficult to find profitable nuggets. Today, mining is a corporate enterprise mostly closed to the individual.

But thanks to the internet and a few dedicated mathematicians and economists, there is a new gold rush called cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining profitability is still a reality for the individual with the right knowledge and tools for the trade.

One of the things to note is that bitcoin is not the only kind of cryptocurrency out there. But just as with the gold rush, you need the right tools, organisation, and support to get the most out of the venture. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but more of an investment. It is a form of investment that simply didn’t exist a decade ago. Now, it is the currency that powers the new frontier.

  1. Turn a room in your home into a corporate office

You no longer have to lease expensive office space and equipment to get the job done. You can utilise the tools used by the major corporations without leaving your house. With the internet, you can do the following from home:

  • Telecomute
  • Save on business travel by videoconferencing
  • Using a stack of the best servers via cloud technologies
  • Get enterprise-class communications via VoIP
  • Much more…
  1. Become a day trader

A lot of people have made a quick fortune from day trading. It is risky, and should only be undertaken by those who are well-informed and well-financed. But if you have the knowhow and motivation, day trading is one of those careers only made possible by the internet.

  1. Become an online retailer

Do you have a passion for shoes, figurines, Star Trek memorabilia? If so, you can set up a retail shop from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with inventory, retail space, or employees.

You can do this by developing your own online retail company, or buying into one that already exists. You can have all the benefits of retail without all the hassle thanks to the internet.

  1. Become a freelance writer

There will always be an opportunity to set up a home office and start writing. The only thing you need is skill, a computer connected to the internet, and time to do quality research. Every bit of writing you see had to be written by someone. And there is a good chance that someone got paid for the effort.

There is no limit to the topics for which people will pay to have written. Everything from camping, to cloud services, to entertainment, to animal husbandry, and everything in between is fair game. As with most things, education and a good resume go a long way toward landing the good jobs.

It is not possible to write an exhaustive list of jobs the internet has enabled. The important thing to remember is that now, you have legitimate options for working at home. The internet is the new frontier. And you don’t even have to leave home to find gold in them thar’ hills.