4 relaxing ways to network with clients

Networking is one of the biggest and best ways to secure future clients. While a client will be looking for the best services for their requirements, they will ultimately sign-up to a company due to the relationships they forge with a CEO, director or business development manager.

networking clientsNetworking doesn’t have to be about exchanging formal business cards or communicating over the telephone. It is possible to build a friendly rapport with a client to enjoy a more harmonious working relationship. So, if you want to schmooze a client outside of a stuffy office or formal networking event, here are some relaxing ways you can showcase the company and its key personalities.

A day at the races

Both you and a potential client work hard all year long, so why not take a break from an office environment by enjoying a day at the races. It’s a great way to get to know a client on a personal level, and vice versa. The company should therefore provide the client will a great day out at the horse track – and you could even impress them with a box at the Grand National. Also, if you want to save the company money, don’t forget there are a number of bonuses to bet with on the Grand National.

Hit the golf course

There is a reason why many entrepreneurs network at the golf course, and that’s because it provides a fun, quiet space to enjoy a bit of healthy competition, with some industry talk in the middle of swings. Not only is a golf course a great place to take a potential client, but it’s a great way to meet future clients, too. Enjoy a day on the golf course and introduce yourself to an industry leader, budding entrepreneur or business tycoon, who might be more than happy to hire your company’s services.

Enjoy a drink

Whether you want to take a client out for a beer or a coffee, a casual drink can be an effective way to banish the formalities and to talk about business in a casual setting. So, instead of taking them to an office environment, ask them to meet you at a coffee shop or bar to discuss their needs and your company’s services. Plus, if the meeting goes well, you could always provide them with a tour of your office, which will prove you have nothing to hide and instil confidence in your services.

Host a dinner party

Nothing will welcome a client into a company quite like a dinner party, which will provide a perfect opportunity to meet key members of your team, such as a visionary graphic designer, creative copywriter or forward-thinking marketing manager. A client and their team will therefore have a chance to meet the talent and personalities that help to shape your company, so they can make an informed decision.

While you might not enjoy the networking process, it is an essential part of any successful business – so ensure you do it well.