What interviewees are doing wrong – and how to get that interview right

It doesn’t matter how confident you are when around friends and family, even the loudest voice in the group can belong to someone who falls apart the minute they enter a job interview. You could prepare for weeks for a job interview, only to suffer a rare and untimely case of mind blank, often followed by a swollen tongue, a tendency to sweat quite profusely and a feeling of being humiliatingly exposed.

bad interviewWhile this can be annoying and embarrassing during our early forays into the working world, when you endure a catastrophic job interview for the perfect position you know you’d be ideal for, it can feel as though you’re never going to get past this crucial yet relatively routine procedure and further your career.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips that could prove to make the difference when you’re next about to step into an interview for that dream job.

First impression: Now, it should be beyond obvious that a job interview is an occasion to wear a suit rather than your pyjamas, but making a good first impression doesn’t end with how smart you look in your Sunday best. From the moment your name is called to the second you leave the interview, your prospective employer is going to be judging you. Making eye contact without staring, being able to pull off a firm handshake that doesn’t stray into a threatening clinch, and laughing in all the right places while avoiding coming across as silly are all things that can help you make a good first impression.

Capable of quick thinking: While there are a number of questions you know you’re going to be asked in a job interview, there will be some wildcard enquiries thrown at you in a bid to find out more about the real you or just to simply catch you off guard. There are a range of methods to help you keep your mind sharp, from playing computer games to completing crosswords and Sudoku challenges. One particularly effective tactic is actually playing casino games. Sites such as Pokies offer a huge selection of slot games that require quick decision making and tactical thinking, and the fact there is money on the line only helps add a sense of the pressure an interview brings. Online casino gaming has come so far that many themed slots also involve skill-based mini-games, which are quite good for your brain too.

Take your time: Rather than not talk enough, nervous people can often try to counter their unease by talking too much, sometimes resulting in hilarious, if unsuccessful, outcomes. If you start to babble and stray off script, the more worked up you’re going to get. Instead, try to answer all questions comprehensively but without losing focus and boring your interviewer. While it’s important to try and develop a rapport with the interviewer, you’re not in a smoothie bar, remember to think about what you’re saying and not start back-slapping or airing your political beliefs from the off. A deep breath at the start of the interview will help you clear your mind and allow you to remember what points you want to hit.


Hit the three P’s: The Three P’s might sound like a Funk band from the 1970’s, they are actually the secret to a successful job interview. As long as you prepare, practise and perform, your interviewer will be asking you to call him John and telling you about the secret trick to getting a free Snickers from the faulty vending machine on the third floor before you know it.