10 of the best reasons to serve Frappes in your business

If you’ve been living on a deserted, tropical island for the last 5 years, you may not have noticed the boom in the Frappe and iced drinks market.

These instantly recognisable drinks, Frappe, are usually served in tall, clear cups with distinctive ‘bubble lids’ have taken the UK by storm and now appear in coffee outlets; large and small across the UK.

Frappe drinks on table

With popularity driven by larger chains and adopted by young adults in particular (source: Pelican Rouge), they are now a drink of choice during the summer months and increasingly, all year round, no matter the climate.

With the spring and summer not too far away, coffee outlets, restaurants and food outlets both large and small will be looking at why they should offer frappes to their customers and there are more than just a few reasons to offer these hugely popular drinks.

The benefits

If you are considering taking the plunge but are not sure if Frappes are right for you and your business, here are some of the best reasons to give them a go:

1. They are still popular and growing

Industry leaders indicate that the Frappe market size has doubled in the last 3 years. Allegra Strategies expects continued growth of 25% over the next four years alone.

2. They can deliver tasty profits

The average price of a Frappe at one of the top three coffee chains is approximately £3.40. Whilst the price per cup to produce will vary depending on what you put inside, you can expect to make a mark up of around 60% on every cup of Frappe you sell.

3. They’ll boost sales during the hotter months…

It can be hard to find alternatives to the delicious, piping hot coffee to offer customers during the summer months when all hot drink sales traditionally slow down. Adding a Frappe or two to your menu will ensure that all customers still have a reason to visit you, even during heatwaves.

4. …And during the rest of the year!

A recent survey uncovered that 64% of consumers agree that they only purchase iced drinks in the summer and during hotter weather. However, this indicates that more than a third of consumers choose Frappe drinks all year round no matter the weather.

5. They are simple to make and produce

With a little practice and when in a routine, Frappes and iced drinks are a quick and simple style of drink to produce. For those starting out and with less experience, starter kits are available and contain everything you need to start offering Frappes and iced drinks immediately. Your staff don’t need to be barista trained and with a little bit of help, baristas and staff can usually pick up the method after just one tutorial.

6. You can be as creative as you like

Generic Frappes consist of ice, milk and a neutral or vanilla base. You can then add syrups, sauces, espresso, toppings, cream and more to create your own recipes and spins on traditional Frappes and iced drinks. Many of the most popular Frappes such as those offered by large chains are adaptations and improvements on popular desserts, but once you get going, the sky’s the limit.

7. You can change your offering regularly

The beauty of having a neutral base is that you can add whatever you like to change the recipe whenever you like and as much as you like, simply by changing a syrup flavour and the toppings. This gives you the ability to offer daily and weekly ‘specials’ which are sure to keep customers interested. What’s more, is that these adaptations and evolutions of drinks come with minimal cost changes.

8. They can be enjoyed by people that don’t enjoy ‘traditional coffees’

Research has shown that with 28% of the vote, coffee Frappes are the most popular flavour out there. However, there are so many flavours that don’t require coffee to be delicious. Some of our favourites are strawberries and cream, peppermint and salted caramel.

Furthermore, with more than 2 billion cups of coffee being consumed on a daily basis (Redstone Commodity Search), increasing the offering to those that don’t enjoy ‘traditional coffee’ will expand your business’ potential for attracting increasing numbers of new customers you otherwise would not have captured.

9. They will help you drive takeaway sales

The very nature of Frappes means that people like to take them away and drink them in the sunshine (while it lasts) and with street food being more popular than ever, you will be on to a winning formula. Of course, this doesn’t apply to absolutely everyone, but it does mean that it is likely that your frappe customers will pay similar prices to your seated customers without any of the associated occupancy costs and maybe even walking around town, cup in hand they will work to promote your business for you!

10. You can produce lighter versions

It is true that some of the ‘dessert style’ Frappes have had some bad press of late owing to the amount of sugar that some contain. However, it is quite possible to make lighter yet equally delicious frappes. With sugar-free syrups available and skimmed or dairy alternative milk and low-fat cream, you can experiment across the board to create healthier, ‘guilt-free versions of your favourite Frappes. However, we would point out that Frappes are designed to be enjoyed as an occasional and not an everyday treat in moderation and as part of a healthy and balanced diet.