Tips on how to budget your summer expenses

Summer, the season of sunlight and warm breeze, might not be quite in full swing yet, but is steadily approaching with every passing day. And with this, the need for new, revamped wardrobe might start to preoccupy many of us. Some forward thinking into shopping for summer clothes and accessories will do wonders when spending on a budget and put you into the best purchasing position for the most glorious time of the year.

summerBelow are some points of advice to assist you in achieving your best hot weather look without going bankrupt.


  1. Start well in advance

Plan and jot down what kind of stuff you will need to buy – and differentiate between the essentials and the luxury products. Create a list and itemise carefully. Put some thought into where you are going to shop and how you can take advantage of promotional events, such as sales. Easter sales held in stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser present ideal opportunities for shopping for the summer early and on favourable prices.

  1. Define your budget limits and stick to them

Steer clear of shopping on a whim. Adhere to your list and make sure you purchase the essential items first. After you have stocked up on the things you need, you can take liberties with few extra frills and thrills.

  1. Use your imagination

Rather than just go for straightforward spending in the store, try and explore other avenues to procure your summer wares at the best prices. Keep your eyes peeled for coupons and vouchers. Visit the specialised websites offering discount codes and deals on a huge range of products. Shop wisely – compare costs and mark-downs and work out the best bargains of the day. Pay particular attention to info about holiday sales, both online and in-store, and make full advantage of the cut-price deals on wide selection of seasonal goods – from beachwear and multi-coloured jewellery to sunshades and camping equipment. Some specialised websites provide details not simply for shopping discounts, but also for travel and hotel deals, and even for sightseeing attractions. You can plan short breaks around these offers to visit places you always wanted to see.

  1. Switch to cheaper entertainment options

If splashing on exclusive cruise is outside your budgets bracket this year, there is no need to panic – summer days and nights provides ample opportunities for fun that don’t involve spending too much. Mid-week garden parties are easy to organise – music, cocktails and few nibbles served outside on a balmy summer evening is all you need to create great atmosphere for friends and family. And on a sunlit weekend you can’t go wrong with a full-blown BBQ feast – isn’t the aroma of outdoor cookout what best epitomises the summer spirit? Just ensure that BBQ supplies are part of your shopping list, check your local markets for deals on meat and vegetables, ask the visitors to bring dessert – and voila – you can host the perfect summer event without compromising your spending plan.

  1. Leave the car in the garage

Dry, warm months present perfect chance to save on travel costs. Using a bike to get to work or to run errands will get you in better physical shape. Walking will certainly contribute to your general sense of wellbeing. Summertime hiking will revitalise you, awake your senses and allow you to reconnect to nature – all at the modest cost of a pair of conformable shoes. In addition, this is a cheap way to boost your vitamin D levels – the exposure to sunshine will replete the amount of vitamin in your body naturally. There will be need for capsules or sunbed sessions, so you will reap triple benefits from one simple lifestyle switch!

  1. Suspend your gym membership

The long bright days of pleasant weather and blue sky make gym membership look passé. Who would like to work out in a poorly ventilated room when the air outside is so fresh and the sun shines so gloriously? Take yourself out in the garden and improvise with your routine there. In the absence of a garden, visit the nearest park. Invest in a yoga mat (again, make a note to list this in your plan and buy at discount rate) and enjoy the most natural surroundings for your stretching exercises. You can even invite friends and convert the outing to a picnic once you’ve completed your workout under the warm sunrays.

  1. Think about the future

Don’t despair if your shopping strategies don’t pay off as handsomely as expected this summer – there is always another year. Start saving early and focus your energy in preparation for the next hot season. The ability to draw up a sensible budget with essential and optional costs is a skill that develops in time. Once you have put in the groundwork, you can expect better results in the coming months.