Checklist: Social media for startups

With any new business, getting your name out there is crucial. We live in a digital age and social media is the key to remember when setting up any type of business. 

social media for startupsFrom technical to hospitality, whatever your niche we can positively say social media should be a priority when it comes to getting your business off the ground. Here is a checklist for social media for startups.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to help!

Follow this simple check list from our social media experts and become a social media boss yourself. Your new business will be going viral in no time – in a good way! 

Audit yourself

OK, this sounds pretty intense.

What we mean by an audit is have a rain check: don’t rush in. Starting up a new business is exciting, and you will probably want everyone in the world to know about it, but really take some time and decide what you want to achieve from social media. Managing social media takes time, so you have to have goals in mind to make it worthwhile.

Define your target audience

Understand who you want to be reaching on your social media platforms, this will help you create the right type on content. Your target audience should be the decision makers that will be paying for your product or services.

Get the right people, get the key!

Choose your platforms

Social media is so big and there are so many different social media platforms around, if you’re just starting off this can be a little overwhelming and you definitely won’t need them all.

Each platform can help your business in a different way.

Twitter is something every business should have and the first you should get. It’s interactive and current. Post on Twitter as often as you like and keep it quick, snappy and current.

Facebook is basically your website equivalent for the millennial, it’s the first place they will check you out. Keep it current but not too much content. Facebook should be a place to share upcoming events and pictures, and to use for advertisement.

Instagram is great as long as you have something to post. If your business isn’t visual then don’t create one right away, the worst thing to do is create a platform and leave it empty!

Other social media platforms such as SnapChat and Pinterest are great for when you have a little more of a following, and for creating interaction between your brand and your followers. Of course, this won’t be appropriate for all businesses!

Create an account

The first step to making it all official. Having your social media accounts active before your business launch is a great way to create a buzz and excitement about your brand.

Make sure to keep your usernames as simple as possible, so people searching you will know that’s the right account.

Don’t forget to make note of your password!

Create a killer bio

This content is key: it’s the first thing people will look at when they search your social media platforms.

Your bio is the tiny bit of information you can put at the top of Twitter and Instagram or the side of your Facebook page.

Keep it short and snappy, but direct with what you offer.

Make sure you link back to your website so your followers can find out more info about your business.

Follow the right people

Now that your account is active you’re going to need to start following people. This will help you build up a bigger target audience of your own. Make sure the people you follow are relevant to your business – people in the same field and people who are in the limelight of your industry.

Following the industry leaders is where you are going to get an idea of the hot topics relating to your business and what to be talking about. Make sure you’re on trend and keeping up, you don’t want to get left behind.

Keep active

If you want to grow your business you need to be committed to your social media platforms. A social media platform without activity is worse than no social media at all.

Make sure you’re posting daily. Yep that’s right – every day!

Keep people engaged with your ideas and upcoming news – if you think you don’t have anything new, share relevant news stories relating to your industry.

Be personal

Your social media platforms are going to be a place where you can interact with you customers and following, give yourself an edge, and demonstrating your personality.

Don’t be afraid of showing off your brand and letting people in.

Be relevant and helpful

A cheeky two in one, if you keep your content relevant to your business then it’s going to be helpful to your customers.

Make sure your content is going to be relevant to the people who follow you before you post, think back to your audit.

Be interesting

Remember, even if something your posting is relevant it may not always be fun. Make sure to post content that people will enjoy reading and will keep the your audience engaged.

Share visual content

It’s time to catch their eye.

Sharing pictures and bight colourful content on your social media platforms will keep people’s attention, get people looking and enjoying your page.

If people like what they see, they stick around and come back for more.

Use hashtags #

Hashtags help your social media platforms into the right places, join in with what’s current (trending) and help your content to visible. Using them shows you’re relevant and trending!

Keep consistent

Keeping your theme and brand consistent is super important, making sure all of your content links to a common theme.

You should not only be maintaining consistency across your social media channels, but also your website and any PR activity you put out.

Share your PR coverage

Make sure you share any of your latest PR coverage to promote your name. If people see your business in the public eye, they’re more likely to remember you favourably. Next time a customer is looking to change supplier or brands, it could help them choose you.


Last but not least, have fun with it! Enjoy getting creative and being interactive with your audience.

It may seem like a lot to do, but just take your time and check through this list one by one.

You will be sure to have a tip top social media presence before you know it!

By Yasmin Hogg, social media manager at Luminous PR.

Luminous PR specialise in providing high-profile media launches for international tech startups.