10 online courses that combine science with technology to expand human potential

The potential of human brain is still the subject of intense scientific studies, but there are already programs on the market that take users right into the practical experience of expanding one’s human potential, whether to increase one’s happiness, to learn new skills or to get rid of mental blocks.

Science has already agreed that such practices as meditation can improve a broad range of health and disease outcomes, and that the mindset of an athlete determines the sports result achieving the pinnacle of human potential.

The former Olympian and co-founder of Onbotraining program, Inga Stasiulionyte, confirms the scientific findings through her own experience. “When I was competing, my biggest challenge was not physical or technical,” she says. “It was all in my mind. When I kept thinking that my competitors were much better prepared, I was losing, even though my warm-up score was one of the best. I realised I needed to change my thoughts in order to win.

So what happens when these science-proven facts are combined with advanced technology and turned into easy-to-use online programs? According to the founders of these online courses, people’s whole outlook on life can change dramatically, allowing them to reach their goals, to become more productive and more happy.

Below please find ten apps that might be useful to anyone aiming to become a better version of themselves.

Courses that help remove mental blocks

Unstuck app helps users figure out their feeling of being stuck by providing a 5-step process that includes feelings, emotions, effects, thoughts and actions. It doesn’t not provide a singular answer, rather expects the users to find the answers themselves. They can move to the next step only once they complete the current one. Unstuck helps people with various life situations: being stuck professionally, personally or when simply dealing with a dilemma or big project. Available for iPad.

Onbotraining is an online coaching tool that has a goal to inspire and motivate people to reach their dreams. Developed by an Olympian, Inga Stasiulionyte, and a motivational writer Alex Monaco, Onbotraining is based on a brain training system (also called cognitive training) that is made of intense mental workout sessions – imitating a mental gym – in order to target one’s weaknesses. The program inspires people to figure out their goals in life, to remove mental blocks that are stopping them and to dive right into the realisation of one’s dreams. The program, which lasts for 30 days, presents self-discovery test every day. The answers are then evaluated by coaches, and a special mission is set for every day, encouraging people to take action. The program’s goals is to make sure people spend at least 5 minutes a day working towards their dream. Available on the web.

Courses that teach productivity is a habit and goal tracking app with a user-friendly interface. Users set their goals and habits that they want to track, and then check in every day to mark successful accomplishments. Habit progress is constantly checked, and showed in streak stats and long-term calendar view. It can also be used for leadership coaching and solving workplace problems. Available for iOS, Android and Web.

With Simpleology users have a helpful tool for planning their day. A user only needs to log in and click on a button, the day planning starts. First thing that needs to be entered into the system is a list of tasks and chores that should get done, whether they are small or big. If a user remembers an additional task, they can enter it at any time. The purpose of the program is to free the mind so it can focus only on what needs to be done. Simpleology states that users report getting things done in two hours – things that would normally take them a full day or even week.

iGerit is an online goal tracker, a website that encourages users to live up to their full potential. When a user signs up, they can start tracking their goals and get thousands of ideas on how to achieve them. The ideas range from advice on how to build a business to how to losing weight. Learn iGerit section teaches how to overcome all obstacles between a user and their goal. The site is completely free.

Willpowered offers an online course that is based on performance psychology. Its founder teaches people the science behind their willpower to help them overcome obstacles, persevere through challenges, and become the best versions of themselves. The site shares research findings, stories of how great people use their willpower, and the personal journey of the founder as he implements all of these strategies to become a better writer, athlete, and entrepreneur.

Courses that help develop critical thinking

Mindmodo is mostly used by students and professors. It allows to create mind maps, so students can explore information and decide for themselves what their priorities are. A mind map also connects dots with what they already know, allowing them to develop critical thinking. Mindmodo provides mind map assignments, setting up groups for students, accessing students’ maps, etc. Available on all platforms.

Mindvalley designs learning experiences and publishes ideas and teachings by the best authors in personal growth, spirituality, and transformational education. It serves students and other users worldwide. The program empowers users to expand their boundaries and unleash their potential. It works through digital education platforms, online academies, apps, live events, and so on.

Courses that make people happier

Happify teaches people how to be happier and more fulfilled through games and activities. It measures emotional well-being of a user, and provides ways to increase it. The founders believe that mental health improvement needed a new, fun approach. Offered in both website and app form.

Finally, those who need to get in touch with their inner wisdom through meditation, gravitate towards Headspace app. Founded by a Tibetan Buddhist monk, it provides lessons based on the exercises that he studied. The app, that is used by Olympic athletes and Wall Street bankers, helps with the basics of breathing and visualisation associated with meditation and reaching human potential.