The Lexus IS: The business car to lease

If you are looking to get cars for your business, maybe on an individual basis or as part of a larger company fleet, join hundreds of other businesses who choose to lease their cars. Leasing means you no longer have to worry about depreciation or the hassle of selling on your company cars when you have finished with them. It is well worth considering and there is one car well worth considering getting on business car leasing. The Lexus IS.

Lexus ISLexus has always been an alternative to the likes of BMW and Mercedes and the IS directly takes on the 3 Series and C-Class. It has strikingly different looks compared to its rivals, which means it will stand out from the crowd on the road and in the car parks of your company and clients. You simply won’t blend in. But how does the rest of it stand up?

IS engine

Lexus have given the IS and you a variety of engines to choose from, ranging from the cheapest, the greenest and the fastest. For low running costs, as a business you may likely consider the greenest car to be the one of choice, however you may have other requirements that go beyond simple running costs.

The cheapest Lexus IS model is the 300h SE model. This entry level model comes with a four-cylinder petrol-electric hybrid engine, coupled with an automatic gearbox and produces 223 bhp. It has a top speed of 125 mph and respectably accelerates from 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds. With it being a hybrid engine, the fuel economy as a result means you have low running costs. The combined fuel economy of 67.3 mpg, with an urban fuel economy of 66 mpg and an extra urban fuel economy of 64 mpg.

In fact, the greenest model is the same engine with the exact same specifications for top speed, bhp, acceleration speed and fuel economy. With either the cheapest or the greenest engines, you will have low running costs for your business.

Whilst it may not seem like a business’s priority to have the fastest model, but there is no harm in considering it. The fastest IS model is the 200t F-Sport. It has a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 245 bhp. With that, it has a top speed of 143 mph and sprints from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds, which is impressive for an executive saloon.

It is well worth considering thinking about what type of engine you want for your fleet of cars, whether it be the low running costs of the greenest cars or the pedigree value of having the fastest car or simply saving money by having the cheapest cars. All are valid and all are worth consideration when thinking about car lease deals.

IS interior

As you might expect from a car designed to take on the likes of BMW and Mercedes, the Lexus IS’s interior is impeccably well equipped and well built. It has high quality materials and plastics to make up the dashboard and has a great interior design to ensure you feel in a good place when driving.

With regards to space, the Lexus IS is excellent. Truly excellent. Up front, the driver has a fully adjustable seat and steering wheel to ensure they get the best driving position for them. The front passenger can plenty of legroom and stretch out on during long journeys. In the rear of the car, you will find plenty of headroom and legroom for your colleagues you wish to take to a conference or a client meeting. The Lexus easily fits four adults comfortably. With most cars, when you add a fifth adult, it becomes a bit tight in the rear.

The interior of the Lexus IS is unique in that it is different to those found in the BMW or the Mercedes and in fact makes you feel ten times more special for being sat in it compared with when you are sat in its rivals.

IS performance

One of the best compliments that can be paid to the Lexus IS is that it is one of the most relaxing and quietest cars on the road. Truly, the cabin refinement, in particular with the hybrid model means you are sat in almost silence. This makes it excellent for long cruises, especially on the motorway as you can sit back and relax. The ride itself is incredibly smooth, making sure you don’t suffer any bumps or potholes.

When it comes to the performance of this car, you will be excited by what it offers. It is entertaining to drive thanks to the responsive brakes mixed with the sharp steering means that you get excellent body control. When you drive into a corner, you get plenty of grip to work with, ensuring that you are in total control the entire time you are behind the wheel.

If you do fancy a different executive saloon car to the German equivalents on offer, then consider the Lexus IS and take the opportunity to get it without the need of a deposit. Check out Zero Deposit Car Leasing’s website and discover how you can get a Lexus IS for your business.