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East Village restaurants blending old and new recipes

The historical pull factor of the East Village maybe responsible for getting people into the area. However it is East Village restaurants’ blending of old and new recipes that is keeping the people there. The restaurateurs are giving a twist to food and creating their own piece of history in the process.

Just as the online gambling industry shot to success by blending an old passion with latest trends. Taking gambling, an activity with ancient origins and making it available to the masses via the convenience of mobile internet Crazy Vegas Australia is one of the business industry that has adopted on the new technology. This seems to be the same strategy being used by this new breed of restaurant owners in East Village. As betting people we would definitely bet on the strategy working. Besides who would bet against a concept that is already showing much success.

East Village Chinese foodThe celebrity owners of some of the eating places are really coming up with innovative dishes. Eddie and Evan Huang also run BaoHous. The two brothers are more popular for the sitcom series ‘fresh of the boat’ which is based on them. They literary rewrote the book on traditional cuisine at BaoHous.

These two are not the only ones that are making waves in the East Village neighborhood. There is also Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings, The Boa and The Chi shop on St Mark’s. All these restaurants offer an interesting spin on food.

The majority of owners are from nearby places. They include people Parsons, SVA, Cooper Union and even former NYU students. They have decide to give back to the community one delicious bite at a time. And what a great job they are doing. They have literary turned their section of Manhattan, New York into a real melting pot. From which the different flavors from around the World are served hot.

It is no longer deniable. East Village is quickly becoming the destination for best Chinese cuisine.