The cheapest business cars to lease

For those of you running or launching a business, having a fleet of cars can be an attractive idea for a variety of reasons. You have a range of vehicles on hand to travel to meetings, to go on business trips without having to worry about public transport and you can wrap your car with your company logo for additional marketing and awareness. But what happens if you want a singular car or a fleet of cars when your budget is tight?

Hippo Leasing has a range of great cheap lease cars you can get for your businesses. There is a selection of cars available for you to lease for your business that is affordable and well suited. The type of car you choose depends entirely on the needs of you and your business. There are city cars, hatchbacks, saloons, estate cars, MPVs and 4X4s that can satisfy your needs sufficiently.

City car to lease – Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo is one of the smallest, most affordable and also most efficient cars available. It has low monthly costs and would be perfect if you are looking for a singular vehicle. With Hippo Leasing, prices start at £75 a month.

The positives of the Skoda Citigo is that all the models are fuel efficient with combined economies ranging from 64.2 mpg to 68.9 mpg. This means that the Skoda Citigo is excellent for business use because the low running costs mean you will save money on your monthly outgoings. This is especially attractive for smaller business, who only require a single car to commute around the town.

It isn’t a dramatically powerful or fast car. It ranges from 60 bhp up to 75 bhp. The quickest is goes from 0-60 mph is 13.5 seconds and the fastest model has a top speed of 107 mph. But this isn’t a car you get for power or speed. You choose it because it is excellent for driving around town in. You can park it into the smallest spaces, it handles well and is both comfortable and smooth when on the move with boot space of 251-litres with the seats up and 959-litres with the seats down.

Hatchback on business lease – Volkswagen Polo

Think of city cars as mini hatchbacks, so with regards to normal hatchbacks, you can get a well-built quality car for a cheap monthly payment. Hippo Leasing has a great range of Volkswagen Polos starting from £108 per month.

Like all Volkswagen cars, the Polo is incredibly efficient, practical and spacious and would be great for any business to get. The cheapest model has a combined fuel economy of 58.9 mpg. This rises to an incredible 74.3 mpg, so if you get the greenest Polo for your business, you will have low running costs and a great saving on your monthly expenditure compared to less economical options.

Inside the Polo, you will find plenty of space for four adults, ensuring your team has plenty of headroom and legroom. It is a stable drive with minimum body roll in the corners and great handling all round. The smooth drive absorbs many of the bumps and holes on British roads, ensuring that you can enjoy driving.

Saloon for leasing – Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is an excellent saloon and straddles the gap between the affordable saloon and executive models well. The Passat is a staple car for businesses and Hippo Leasing has them on offer starting from £151 per month.

There is a great range of Volkswagen Passat models on offer. With the Passat, you can choose the cheapest model with a combined fuel economy of 70.6 mpg, which means respectable running costs and it accelerates from 0-60 mph in 10.8 seconds. You can choose the greenest model, which is a petrol-electric hybrid delivering 166 mpg. There is the fastest model has a top speed of 149 mph and springs from 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds. It also has a combined fuel economy of 58 mpg. The Passat offers you a variety of models to choose from that best suit what you are looking for as a business.

For the price you pay for the Passat, you will also get a luxurious interior on the level of some of its more executive rivals. The interior has plenty of space, with an abundance of legroom and headroom. Your team of field sales reps will be very comfortable in this car. We think this would be a great car to consider if you were tempted to get a fleet of cars for your business.

These are some of the best and cheapest business cars available to lease. Whether you want a singular car or a fleet of cars, you have a great choice here and with other cars. Visit Hippo Leasing today and view all their business leasing listings.