The pivotal ages of successful people [infographic]

Setting goals is something many of us do, some are obtainable, such as gaining a degree by age 22 or learning a new skill, while others might be slightly more unrealistic, like earning your first million by the time you’re thirty.

For many, these landmarks are measures of success, no matter how big or small the achievement seems to others. However, while we may aspire to reach certain goals or landmarks by a particular age, it’s hard to emulate the successes of some of the world’s most successful people.

For the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson, earning their first million was something they did well before they hit their thirties, with Zuckerberg actually becoming the youngest self-made millionaire aged 22. This infographic from Colonial Life explores the pivotal ages of successful people, including at what age they became million or billionaires, and when they started working in their industry or founded their world-famous businesses.

While it may initially make you think ‘well, I’ve not achieved half as much at the same age’, it also goes to show how hard work can really pay off. For example, the likes of Alan Sugar and Oprah Winfrey aren’t from privileged backgrounds, but through hard work and determination they’ve both become leaders in their industries, and have banked a healthy couple of billion! Plus, as Larry Ellison shows, good things do sometimes come to those who wait, as he was in his forties before he made his first million – maybe there’s hope for us all!