When tech meets tools: Why wearable devices are a big boon for the construction industry

The positive impact wearable devices has had on the construction industry is astonishing. Said to significantly improve worker safety and productivity whilst decreasing risk factor of their job, wearable devices are certainly assisting construction businesses to transform how they operate for the better.

construction industryOften incorporating innovative technology that’s easy to use and not distracting to the task at hand, below you’ll find out all you need about the most up-to-date wearable devices taking the construction industry by storm.

Redpoint safety vest

Specifically designed with utmost safety in mind, the Redpoint safety vest has become an essential component for many construction firms that work on potentially dangerous sites. There are many dangers that can be experienced on construction sites, and it’s essential to minimise their effects as much as possible.

Using innovative Redpoint positioning technology, these safety vests come with GPS badges which will alert the wearer if they’re entering a potentially dangerous area. They also allow the wearer to request help if they feel they’re at risk, meaning their site manager at the time is able to quickly and efficiently get assistance out to them right away.

Offering increased peace of mind for both construction workers and their managers who may not otherwise be able to keep track of exactly where their team are at one specific time, the Redpoint Safety Vest is a key component to significantly improved safety for all.

XOEye Smart Glasses

Comfortable and adjustable to fit a variety of head shapes, the Smart Glasses by XOEye have been expertly equipped with an internet-accessible camera. This camera will then film real-time POV (point of view) footage of exactly what the wearer is doing; this is then transmitted to an experienced technician in the field so they can see what’s going on.

The transmission of this footage allows the expert receiving it to critique the wearer on their work, and provide constructive feedback so they’re able to consistently improve their technique and get better. The perfect accompaniment to a waterproof, long-lasting phone, such as the Sony Xperia, these XOEye glasses are a sure-fire way to aid communication and significantly improve productivity.

DAQRI Smart Helmet

It’s common knowledge that hard helmets have been construction essentials for a long time, but DAQRI have taken helmets one step further. Featuring a virtual visor to display work tips and instructions for the wearer, the DAQRI Smart Helmet is ideal for keeping workers up-to-date with exactly what needs to be done in their workspace.

Also supporting 3D mapping and 360˚ cameras, the scope and productivity that’s possible with the DAQRI Smart Helmet is simply second-to-none.

Overall, it’s clear to see that wearable technology has a significantly positive impact upon various aspects of a construction site. Improving worker safety, support and productivity, one of these devices alone, when paired with standard wearables such as a wristwatch and waterproof smartphone, is enough to transform a construction business to a whole new level!

Connor Hyde is a builder who discovered he enjoyed writing articles aimed at the construction industry when he was off work for 2 months due to a broken leg.