5 tips for improving your career prospects

Most of us might feel like we spend more of our time at work than we do at home. And, that is probably because we do! With more than 8 hours a day spent at work it means we spend more than 9 thousand hours a year focused on our career.

But, are you happy with the work you are doing? Are you satisfied with your job and the progress your career has made? If the answer is no, then it is high time that you start thinking about improving your career prospects.

Here Attic Recruitment, one of London’s leading recruitment agencies offer you 5 tips to help improve your career prospects:

Become a social media savvy

Today, you can connect with the entire world over the social media, and so, it is important that you keep your profile updated.

Eagle-eyed employers might look out for the flaws on your social media profile to put you down. Keep yourself updated professionally on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Improve your communication skills

Communication skills play an important part in your professional life. It is vital that you communicate with your co-workers or colleagues in a confident and an appropriate manner.

Your communication skills have to be impactful even when you converse over emails rather than in person. It should reflect your confidence and skills which will have a positive effect on your employer or the person at the other end. 

Add a feather to your cap

You can always learn new things which are helpful to you in your career or profession. You can learn a new skill or a new language which will be an addition to your skills.

It will give you an added advantage when you interview for a new job. You want to stand out as much as possible and having an array of skills really can help you with that.

It is always significant to keep learning, as it will add to your personal as well as professional growth.

Ask for an evaluation

It is indeed a bold move to request your employer to evaluate your performance or review your work but no other person is better in a better position to review you.

In taking this step or going through this process, you may get a few shocks, but everything has to be used in improving your skills, talents, or credentials. A review from a company like Attic Recruitment can not only improve your career prospects but eventually point you towards the right career for you as well.

Take up challenges 

If your boss asks for help on a new project, try to volunteer for it. It will boost up your confidence, and you will also learn new skills which may be required for your new project.

Research your industry 

It is vital that you should read up on your industry and be aware of the updates in your professional field.

For example, if you are related to the field of finance, then you should be well aware of the financial conditions arising around you and in the market. It is significant in any profession to keep yourself updated with the current situation.

Take these 5 top tips and see how you career prospects may improve.