Is there a shift in marketing to conversion optimisation?

Google asked Forrester Consulting to survey 150 marketing, analytics and IT executives about the measurement challenges they face, and the results predicted a change in marketing spend to a move towards conversion optimisation.

So, in 2017, it looks like budgets are likely to shift to convert more traffic for conversion optimisation, rather than drive traffic to websites.

conversion optimisation

Spending money on acquisition is a priority for most companies. There are ways to do both acquiring and converting customers through certain strategies. Online entertainment business, have offers for Magical Vegas on, and promote the use of discount codes. This is one strategy that draws in acquires new customers and gives them an incentive to convert into paying customers.

But why?

Nowadays, there’s so much customer data available to businesses that effective measurement is key when it comes to converting visitors and increasing revenue. It seems, going forward, that budget would be far better spent converting customers than acquiring more customers.

Forrester report that for every $100 spent on acquisition, just $1 is spent converting those prospects into customers. This has largely been due to the fact that the staff and technology required was costly. But as technology and the power to manage data is getting far more advanced now, it’s much more cost effective to focus on increasing conversion to boost online sales.

However, the Forrester survey found that only 26% believed their marketing analytics tools are well-integrated and work seamlessly together. It also discovered that marketers are 39% more likely to see improvement in their overall marketing performance with a complete marketing analytics stack of 5 or more tools. So, it is clear that the right technology and tools are the key to success.

This is certainly food for thought for eCommerce businesses, who can now partner with experienced providers to look at their data in real time, apply intelligence to it and expand revenue autonomously.

How can providers optimise conversion?

There are already some big players increasing sales with conversion rate optimisation technology. Their specialist software works to optimise the entire customer journey autonomously and based on user behavior to achieve personalisation in real-time, turning more browsers into buyers and recovering more lost sales.

Site analytics tools can identify conversion weak spots, enabling businesses to build a complete picture of the customer profile and journey, gaining invaluable knowledge and insight.

On-site remarketing tools can increase engagement to drive sales and grow email marketing lists, while off-site remarketing techniques re-engage with customers that abandon sites.

Combine customer data with the right optimisation technology and businesses can leverage the recent advancements in tech and data management to increase online conversions at much lower cost than ever before.