The 5 best startup cities in the world

The Internet and the rise of digital technologies have revolutionised the business landscape. Never before have companies been able to startup and grow so fast, with so little physical infrastructure.

Today, entrepreneurs can identify a market opportunity, launch a website, and start a business in a matter of months. New companies can connect with customers all around the world and scale up or down with astounding flexibility in response to market fluctuations. We live in the era of the startup, and this wave of innovative new companies in different cities is fundamentally transforming the way buyers and sellers connect.

However, this process has a lot of challenges and it is not easy. Therefore, it is important that governments support the growth of small business. This infographic looks at some of the most popular startup cities in the world to see how they are supporting new businesses to help their cities thrive.

We found that governments around the world have taken note of the economic gain for supporting startup companies, so there are countless incentive programs, grants, and incubators being launched to support the startup community, and a handful of cities have emerged today as global leaders in attracting startup investment.

The amount of Corporate Tax Rate is also a very important thing to consider when it comes to open a new business. Nevertheless, New York and San Francisco with the highest percentage of tax rates keep attracting entrepreneurs around the world due to the large number of public and private initiatives and investors.

Blk-71 which in known as the hearth of the tech startup ecosystem in Singapore and Amsterdam have been retaining a lot of small business due to the lower cost of leaving.

Additionally, this compelling data includes the most famous startups of each city, the total number of registered business and the cost of estimated office rent per year.

Let’s take a look into it and see what city has to offer.

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