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Kitchen Exchange: ‘Keep it simple’ when selling used kitchens

Second hand and ex-display kitchen company, Kitchen Exchange has revealed that the easiest kitchens to re-sell are those that are not too ‘outlandish’ or personalised. Models that have been subject to too much customisation and creative twists are less popular with buyers wanting to stamp their own mark on their new acquisition.

Kitchen Exchange specialises in buying and selling good quality used and ex-display kitchens of all shapes, sizes, makes and models. While good quality renovations and upgrades to a kitchen can add value to the overall asking price of a property, they can damage the kitchen’s own value if it is put up for resale on its own.

kitchen exchange renovation“We all like to envisage ourselves ensconced in a new house, turning it into a proper home and adding our personality to each room,” says Neil Benardout from Kitchen Exchange. “That’s why estate agents recommend painting walls in muted tones like magnolia. It keeps things simple and, above all, neutral.”

Neil Benardout, “We have found that when someone is interested in buying an ex-display or second hand kitchen, they tend to want to get the basic units and infrastructure from us and then spend time turning it into exactly what they want it to look like once it has been installed. Having more of a blank canvas to do that is a far more attractive option for a lot of our buyers.”

Kitchen Exchange recommends restoring a kitchen back to its original look as much as possible before offering it for re-sale. That doesn’t mean ripping out any new cupboards, shelves or other practical additions, but rather toning down evidence of more outlandish individual taste, such as sparkly doors, engraved countertops or overly ornate cupboard door handles.

If in doubt, a Kitchen Exchange expert can advise on the best way to present a second hand or ex-display kitchen for resale. Appointments for an initial consultation can be booked online.

Kitchen Exchange is a prime website for buying and selling used kitchens, offering a wide choice of styles to suit any budget. The website can be found at www.kitchenexchange.co.uk