Transforming visual collaboration with Oblong Mezzanine

The audio and visual conferencing industry has been advancing at a high rate for quite a while now. Nobody more so than Oblong Industries and their Mezzanine collaboration. Something you may think came straight out of Minority Report (2002), it allows a group of people within the digital control room to freely hurl files/images/notes across screens to people around the world instantly.

Now as this seems like a conference room of the future, with floating displays moved by hand, it’s fully functional and has been since 2012. An advanced way for communication and collaboration available to anyone looking to vastly boost their capability.

Viju bring you an insight into Oblong Mezzanine in ways in which it’s leagues ahead of the competition.

Content sharing

Arguably the most important part of any presentation or conference meeting, making the content at hand available to all participants. Nothing is worse than being in a meeting and not having the tools available to share what you’re talking about.

Oblong Mezzanine comes with its unique way of sharing and providing content through its multiple digital displays around the room to any device within. Allowing a seamless transition between each device, enabling editing and saving between them.

This arrangement of content sharing enables participants and users to stay alert and engaged. Giving you and your colleagues an efficient and productive experience throughout.


Rather than a touchpad or a typical remote control, Oblong Mezzanine uses a wireless wand remote with one button that operates a cursor. With this wand you can grab and throw information across to every person in the meeting.

This level of usability allows anyone to step in without prior knowledge and operate it like a professional. Highly desirable for any company that has many shifting departments that would make use of such devices, no training required.

The wand, along with being able to move and grab information freely can do just about anything you can do with a regular computer mouse but with a greater usability. Pulling the wand towards you to enlarge, pushing away to shrink.

High value presentations

Using Mezzanine to present to potential customers and clients allows both sides of the discussion to understand fully what’s going on. No communication lines get crossed, nothing gets misunderstood. Extremely vital in sales meetings for example where the information needs to be readily available.

Enabling companies to not be bogged down in miscommunications or disagreements is what puts your business ahead of the rest.

Global collaboration

While using Oblong Mezzanine and any video conferencing device, having a large number of people in the meeting at the same time is vital. With technology and information being so global, there needs to be a device that connects everyone without much setup time.

With Mezzanine, upwards of 48 individual contributors can be connected at once, all using multiple devices across multiple continents across up to four connected Mezzanine rooms. Unifying people across the world is an ability that businesses require to function efficiently and effectively grow in the future.

A real world example of this would be a company that has many divisions across the company or the globe where communication between the two is vital on a regular basis. Having these four rooms spread around gives them the platform to effectively communicate and plan the company’s next moves.