Why expanding your property can lead to business success

If your business feels ‘stuck’ in a rut, it could be the business property that are holding it back.

Expanding your business property might feel like gigantic leap but it can be the catalyst your business needs. In a crowded market place and tough trading conditions, expanding your business property may seem like a foolhardy thing to do.

But as you will see, it can send a message to customers, clients and investors that your business is the place to go.

Expanding business property is a sign of success

There is no doubt that any time any business makes a move to new premises or adds more space to their current one, it is a sign of success and that the business is growing, leaping from strength to strength.

It may ‘only be’ a new warehouse or an extra office or two, but it shows that your order books are full, you offer something that people want and that as a business, you may be worth a second look when it comes to an investment opportunity.

More space can mean more talent

The lifeblood of a business are the people that work there, no matter what they do whether that is the caretaker or the CEO.

The job market is a competitive too and as a business, you want to attract the best candidates to fill the posts. More importantly, you want to hold on to people for as long as possible too.

Your business base is one factor in a myriad of many that contribute to attracting and retaining a pool of talent.

Consider this – what does your business premises say to people who want to work there? Do you have social space, as well as work space? Is there ‘space’, or is it cramped?

Light, airy, well-ventilated, war, energy efficient business premises say the right things to the right people – your people.

Equipment and specialist settings

Not all businesses are the same and it follows that not all business premises need to offer the same facilities.

For scientific or technology based companies, there is both a need and an expectation that their buildings will be modern and appropriate for you. For laboratory based businesses, there are a series of regulations that they must comply with to offer the services that they do.

It may be that their current premises no longer offer the base from which they can meet these standards, especially if standards are change but the building cannot match these improvements. Looking outside the box and considering modular healthcare buildings is one affordable solution.

Every strand of forecasting and strategizing behind your business should be about giving it the cutting edge that you need to survive in an ever-crowded and tough market place.

Improved productivity

Expansion is needed for many reasons, not least of all lack of space. It also has a direct bearing on productivity too.

A change, as they say, is as good as a rest and for your employees, more space means one thing – a better, more comfortable environment in which to work.

It also has a direct beneficial impact on productivity because it gives you more space with which to create a better flow of work and productivity throughout the premises.

We often assume that every space need to be dedicated to ‘formal’ working practices but research shows that collaborative spaces are equally, if not more important than a row of desks.

It could also be a chance to experiment with layout. Take a leaf out of creative companies such as Pixar who have created an atrium space that allows for people to meet, talk, collaborate, plant and so on.

How much does your current work space contribute to the work flow and productivity of your business?

Reputation and image

And finally, expansion of your business premises is beneficial to your reputation and image with competitors, customers, clients, investors and all your stakeholders. It sends a clear message to the local community too that as a business, you are here to stay.

It creates a favourable impression of a business that values its physical entity, as well as its staff and customers. It creates an impression of a forward-thinking business, especially if you opt for ‘new’ building technologies such as modular building.

Your business premises is the hub of all activity. It speaks volumes about and for your business, cementing your reputation as a leading, forward thinking business.

MTX Contracts design, build and install bespoke modular buildings that allow a business to expand, improving productivity and the happiness of its employees.