How to keep your blog updated when away from your screen

Updating your blog may seem impossible if you decide to take a vacation and leave your computer at home. However, there are ways to ensure your blog remains in good condition even when you are away from your screen.

Keeping your blog updated usually involves two things: keeping the content fresh and regularly published and updating your themes and plugins to ensure your website and blog stay safe and protected.

In this article, we’ll cover both options and share different ways in which you can have content published and updated site even when you take that much needed break.

Keeping your content updated

Pre-written content

You don’t have to write a post every day, and you should never feel like you have to. There will be times where your life may get in the way and your publishing falters. Then there are times when you feel like an industrial publisher and can churn out great posts in a matter of hours. WordPress offers the ability to schedule a post right out of the box, which will publish posts you have pre-written when you want or need them to be published. Who says you can’t take a vacation?

Accept guest posts

It’s no secret that guest posts are a wonderful way to take a break. It allows you as the website owner to take a break from publishing content on a regular basis and introduce a new perspective to your audience. Your blog is still filled with fresh content and at the same time, you’re helping a fellow blogger to gain more traction. Be sure to announce you will be accepting guest post submissions a few weeks in advance so you have ample time to go through the submissions and notify the authors when their posts will go live.

Keeping your blog updated

Getting yourself onto a WordPress website is easier than ever, with hosting companies working hard to make sure that when you use it, you have it simple and easy. Truth be told, WordPress is a very simple platform with a plethora of resources dedicated to help you every step of the way; regardless of any issues you may come across.

The updates to your particular theme however, are not automatic. Neither are any backups or plugin updates. It really is on you to care for your WordPress site. There are some differences though, some of these mundane tasks can be taken care of for you. It all comes down to what your chosen hosting provider offers within their chosen plans.

There is another drawback as well; it all depends on which version of WordPress you are planning to use. and are not the same thing. is a wonderful thing when all you want to do is blog and not worry about a thing. Though you can get a premium account with, you are still very limited in what you can do or have access to. But hosting is taken care for you, which means all the technical aspects are taken care of as well. on the other hand gives you all the keys and sends you on your way. It’s more liberating and gives you more control. But at the same time, you are on your own for hosting.

With the basics of WordPress out of the way, and you have opted for your self-hosted site; let’s explore what your hosting providers can do for you.

Hosting solutions

Hosting providers are all generally the same in terms of what they offer. They all have some kind of shared plans, dedicated plans, virtual plans, cloud plans, and even some managed plans. Their key differences are as varied as the themes in use for all the WordPress sites on the internet. Choosing the best one for your needs and budget however, is not that easy.

However, if you want someone to handle all the technical details, your best choice is a managed hosting plan.

Managed WordPress hosting

Hosting providers have gotten a lot better when dealing with the platform that boasts making up 27% of the entire internet. Managed WordPress hosting in non-geek speak is all you have to worry about is getting your content published. Everything for the server and your WordPress site is taken care of for you. Security checks, daily backups, theme and plugin updates all taken care of for you; no matter where you may be. Costs vary between each hosting provider.

Blogging apps

Another way that you can update your blog while you’re away from your screen is to make use of the blogging apps. WordPress has mobile apps that you can download on both Google Play and the Apple’s App Store. While you can’t update themes or plugins, you can publish new posts and reply to all those comments coming in.

Outsource maintenance

Another way to ensure your blog is kept up to date with WordPress core updates, theme and plugin updates is to outsource this task to a virtual assistant or a company like WPSiteCare. On top of making sure the technical side of your blog is updated, they also offer additional perks like taking regular backups of your site, fixing errors, and ensuring your website is secure. Whether you are there or not, they will do their part so it might be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Final thoughts

As you can see there are ways to keep your WordPress site up and running when you are away from your computer. There are ways to keep your content going out regularly based solely on scheduling your content or accepting guest post submissions when you can’t deliver your content.

Likewise, if your budget can handle it, opting for managed hosting and outsourcing the maintenance of your site to a third-party may be the best route for you as this will ensure everything is taken care for you, no matter where you are.

Don’t let your website drop off the radar by failing to keep it regularly updated.