Staying safe in the workplace

Last year it was reported that there were 144 UK workers killed at work in 2016.

workplaceThis figure is something which the government and employers across the country can combat by implementing better safety measures into every different kind of business.

This means laying out signs, having discussions about safety and trying to educate workers. Having discussions about safety means you and your employees can voice any concerns.

Here are just a few safety precautions that System Hygiene believe you can implement within your business to improve the safety of your workplace:

Office discussions

Taking the time to go over all the safety precautions with your staff is essential. However, another great way to implement some better safety measures is to have regular discussions with them team.

This means no matter where you work people can voice their concerns about safety measures that are missing or which clothing items or equipment they need to make them even safer at work.

Make sure you have first aid kits

It is not only a legal requirement but a necessity that each relevant place in the workplace has first aid kits. This means in areas especially susceptible to injury such as the kitchen and workshop as well as areas that are communal allowing easy access to the first aid kits, you have to have the right equipment.

You can purchase a range of different first aid kits from ones that are specifically designed to combat burns or eye injuries to general kits.

Having these kits on hand might not cure all illnesses but help prevent long lasting injuries until you seek medical attention. However, for small cuts, grazes and burns these kits can treat them onsite and effectively.

Caution and safety signs

In some workplaces it is essential that dangerous machines, pieces of equipment and caution areas are fitted with safety signs that highlight exactly why you should be cautious in these areas.

This means having the right warnings and signage so that you and your employees are aware of the dangers.

From everything like a comedy banana safety cone, to fluorescent signs displayed around the area, injuries and accidents are easily prevented with the correct sings being displayed.

Wear the correct clothing

Along with discussions, signs and educating workers, wearing the right safety equipment is also important. Safety workwear is important especially for construction sites, building sites, factories and locations where people are higher risk.

Hard hats are needed in areas where low lying roofs, dangerous objects and construction work is going on. They are used to protect your head and can make sure that accidents don’t end up being fatal.

Face Shields and Visors are needed for places such as laboratories or factories when you need to protect your eyes.

Ear defenders are essential in a range of different work environments but especially when using drills or heavy machinery which can cause a lot of noise.

All these items are easy to get a hold of, affordable and can provide never ending protection in the work environment.

Take some time to make sure that your workplace is as safe as possible and has all the right equipment to get the job done well. And, if not, get going with introducing the best safety precautions you can.