5 businesses that are growing with real potential

Selecting a business that can guarantee you success overnight is a daunting task because success requires hard work and an innovative idea.

According to Forbes, only 10% startups are able to find success, while the rest of them fail within the first five years. This highlights the need to work hard and pick a business that has real potential in a growing industry.

The truth is that the market is saturated and there’s stiff competition. New businesses need to be on their toes at all hours if they wish to find success.

So what career options do you have if you’re just starting out? Here are 5 businesses that are growing in the present era:

1. Provide computer hardware solutions

We are surrounded by technology no matter where we look. On one side we have robots serving people, and on other computers are solving all our problems. This technological era is amazing, and has made our lives easier.

While people may argue that technology is killing jobs, according to reports it has opened more jobs than it has closed. Since computers are now handling a number of tasks, there is a dire need to have an expert who can handle computers.

If you know about computers or robotics, you can start a business that offers solutions for problems related to computers.

2. Provide software solutions

When there is hardware, there is software as well. You can hire a bunch of software specialists and start providing solutions to individuals and companies.

The competition in this niche is tough, but the demand is growing, which means there is still scope for new businesses to make a mark.

3. Healthcare (nutrition)

According to reports, people are becoming more health conscious than ever. They want to know about the latest diets and meal plans. If you have experience in the niche, you can start a healthcare business and make people fitter and healthier.

This business can be done online just by having a website and an expert providing solutions.

4. Animation

Animation is an ideal business to start with as it is growing day by day. Plus, it pays extremely well, especially now that full length animated movies are being released in big numbers.

New studios like Spiel Creative are opening in different cities to meet the growing needs. If you have the right team and skills, you can start an animation studios and make it big.

Starting now will give you an upper edge because it is a growing field with high demand for expert animators.

5. Online marketing

With traditional marketing being replaced by online marketing, more and more people are looking for online marketers. Names like Neil Patel and Michael Words are making millions just by providing online marketing services.

If you have skills and experience in this field, you can start your own online marketing business today.

If you have passion, you can make it big in any business. But make sure to pick a field that you have knowledge in.