How True-View helmets are transforming the welding industry

Foster Industrial, a family-run welding supplies provider, is no stranger to providing the Welding & Fabrication industry with high-performing equipment. The introduction of two new auto darkening helmets incorporating ‘True-View’ follows their first entry into the welding mask market with the Foster-Pro back in 2016.

Aware companies are seeking high-tech products to power their projects into the future, Foster Industrial recently incorporated the latest welding filter lens technology into their ‘Prem-Air’ and ‘Grind Plus’ helmets. ‘True-View’ is an ideal solution for welder fabricators who are looking to upgrade their personal protection with the latest technology.

welder welding helmets‘True-View’ was developed back in 2016 and has become an instant success with customers, as it allows an operator to easily view their surroundings through the welding filter between welds. When the welding filter is in its’ light state the operator can view the job with increased clarity, colour and contrast. It is, therefore, the ideal welding mask for those fabricators working in a confined space or wanting to inspect intricate work on a regular basis. Put simply, the operator doesn’t have to lift the head top, which is great for productivity.

The premium helmets have been introduced into the Foster’s own brand welding collection following significant customer feedback and trials, as there is a demand for high-quality, durable welding masks that offer a variety of high-specification features.

As welders are often required to work in arduous construction environments every day, it can be helpful to wear a comfortable helmet that can adapt to specific situations. ‘True-View’ technology also incorporates a grinding facility mode and is fitted as standard to both the new Foster helmets, eliminating the need for two separate head tops for welding & grinding. The Prem-Air PAPR is Foster’s first venture into the powered air respirator market and features three-step airflow speed control, meaning the welder can enjoy automatic variable control of the blown air. That’s because the SmartSensor technology within the Prem-Air PAPR helmet can adapt to an environment to provide a stable airflow speed against the user’s setting, even if their filter is clogged or the battery is running low. The Prem-AIR PAPR is, therefore, an ideal helmet for almost every welding application.

The new welding helmets maintain the high-quality materials and durability synonymous with Foster Industrial own brand and their extensive welding equipment offering. In addition to the new high-tech helmets, companies will also find more than 4000 welding products to choose from, including anti-spatter and leather protective wear and MIG welding wire. Also, with supply and support from the world’s leading international brands, such as Speedglas, Hypertherm and Miller, you can trust you will receive the highest quality products on the market and undoubtedly, miller welders are considered good quality welders, so there is no chance of getting disappointed.

The fabrication industry can be rather demanding, which is why businesses and employees will want to acquire the latest equipment as soon as possible –Foster Industrial can provide overnight delivery for orders over £50 free of charge, so welders will not be forced to experience any lengthy delays while waiting for an order to arrive.

The welding industry can be exceptionally rewarding. Anyone seeking a career in construction or engineering should, therefore, consider a welding apprenticeship with The CEATA Training Academy, who can provide a variety of courses for a fantastic career in the sector.