Reading your way to success – A book a day keeps failure away

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, according to Tai Lopez, reading a book a day can help you grow in such a way as to keep failure away.

As a self-made successful entrepreneur and investor, Tai has found that the only way you stop growing is to stop learning. No matter what you do in life, reading can help you in ways you never before imagined. Here are just a few of the reasons why business professionals are encouraged to read as much and as often as possible.

Gaining in knowledge and insights

Obviously, if you read enough you will gain in knowledge but the key is in understanding what you should be reading. One of the things you should do if you are striving to succeed in the world of business is to read books published by successful people. It doesn’t need to be those within your same industry, but especially seek out autobiographies and biographies about those who climbed their way to success. What they did, their formula to success, may not be right for you but it will give you knowledge and insight into how you might want to act at some future point.

Stimulating the mind

One of the most interesting studies conducted to date on slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease is in keeping the mind stimulated. While this isn’t the concern of a young entrepreneur, it should show that reading keeps pathways open in the brain that may otherwise become ‘lazy’ when unused. A successful entrepreneur is one who is constantly thinking things out and finding ways to succeed where others have failed. Mental stimulation is a wonderful way to keep your brain functioning at its best.

Improving your memory

It has been shown that when you read you increase your ability to remember things. Think about the last time you read a work of fiction, for example. When reading that book, you begin remembering all the characters as well as the main plot and those sub plots that are somehow important to the development of the storyline. Each time you remember something new synapses are created within your brain. These are the pathways through which neurons move and the very same pathways responsible for every ‘thought,’ voluntary and involuntary that goes on within that grey matter, as it is called by fictional detective extraordinaire, Hercule Poirot.

Reduction in stress

And last, but certainly not least, reading provides the perfect way to reduce stress in your life. If there is something that every business owner endures day after day, it’s stress. When you read, you transport your mind, even if only for a bit, away from all those stressors that keep you from optimal performance. Stress is one of the leading killers, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. If you want to succeed in business and stay at it for any length of time, you’ll learn how to control stress. Reading is an amazing way to take your thoughts away from all that is keeping you from being your best. A book a day really can keep more than failure away, like that trustworthy apple, it can also keep the doctor away!

Whether you are a well-established business owner or director or are a budding entrepreneur, read as much and as often as possible. Can’t do a book a day? At least set aside a certain amount of time to read something and don’t skip a single day. Make it a habit and see just how quickly you will begin to feel refreshed with a much-improved memory and a great reduction in stress.