Encourage a healthy workplace and increase productivity

For most employers, it goes without saying that a happy workforce leads to a great working environment and a more productive team, but how many consider that happiness is also integrally linked to healthy employees.

Office life leads to sedentary behaviour

Sitting for more than 4 hours in one day is having a negative impact on our wellbeing. Staff, particularly those in offices are becoming more sedentary. Research shows us that some people are sitting at their desk, without any movement for over 9 hours a day. It is a scenario that is familiar to many of us. How many of us have found that we don’t even get up at lunch times, favouring staying at our desks to eat our lunch and browse the internet.

Promote a healthy workplace

Changes in the workplace are vital and employers have a moral responsibility to their staff to help encourage them to step away from their desks or try another way of working. As an added benefit to your business, it has been proven that an active workplace increases creativity, happiness and motivation in staff.

5 simple steps to a healthier and more productive workplace.

  1.  Make sure your staff are sitting comfortably

You may find it difficult to quit sitting in the office altogether so ensure your staff are comfortable and well supported. Invest in high quality office furniture that is ergonomically designed to prevent back problems in the workplace.

  1. Carry out a daily huddle

Instead of dragging your chairs over to one desk, stand up and get together to discuss your workload. To really get motivated take the discussion on a walk around your offices or into an outside space.

  1. Try a sit stand desk

Opting for standing instead of sitting can increase calorie burn by up to 40%. Consider purchasing sit stand desks for your staff. They allow the desk to be raised and lowered as your wish, enabling you to change quickly between a sitting or standing position and encouraging active working.

  1. Quit internal emails

It may not be possible to stop all emails between your team, however cutting down on internal emails can have a positive effect on your staff. It encourages movement around the office and conversations to flow leading to innovation.

  1. Healthy treats and group activities

Provide your staff with a fresh bowl of fruit regularly or a healthy breakfast and if they are keen try to organise a team sports activity, such as a lunchtime walk or run, or an after work football match.