Why should you invest in an office refurbishment?

Our offices continue to become more and more elaborate, with companies striving to come up with the most original and inspiring environments for their staff.

officeClimbing walls, slides and table tennis tables which once seemed the pinnacle of fun in modern offices are now being surpassed by even wilder designs.

Jonathon Simpkins owner of Bluespace, an office design company in Norfolk, has seen an upturn in businesses clambering over one another to offer the most original workspace for their staff.

“We have recently installed an office pub, within an accountants, complete with pool table and beer pump. It has provided a space for their staff to relax, but equally is sound proofed so offers an environment for their clients to use too. “

Create a buzz

Not only does such a feature draw press attention around your brand, but it also encourages staff productivity and loyalty. A modern office refurbishment increases the morale of your staff and attracts the very best talent to your door.

Staff expectations

The force that are known as the ‘Millennials’, those now in the workplace who reached adulthood in the early 2000s, tend to have different expectations regarding their workplace. Flexible hours and modern office designs are taken for granted, particularly within creative industries.

Long gone are the days where you can expect to hold all the cards when it comes to picking a new member of staff. If you are looking to recruit, it is important that you also have something unique to offer, above your competition.

Show you are at the forefront of innovation

Aside from your staff, this style of office refurbishment can also attract new clients. If your building is portraying a contemporary environment, it will be seen that you are ahead of the game in your sector too. Opting for an updated office interior can prove to be a great return on your investment for both your staff, your clients and your bottom line.