Benefits of GPS tracking sales personnel for businesses

Fleet tracking technology has been available for quite some time for business owners and fleet managers to track their vehicle fleets and improve their businesses. Companies with sales teams started using GPS tracking solutions to track their employees and benefit from the features provided by this technology.

Tracking your sales team in real-time has been a crucial requirement for companies around the world. Disregarding the size of your sales team, an effective GPS tracking solution is a necessity for any business.

Most of the businesses have separate sales teams and representatives spread across cities even countries. In general, sales teams have a lot of freedom out in the field and it’s very hard for companies to observe their employees, how they spend their time on the job and if they are using their working hours effectively. The best way to address these issues is by implementing a GPS tracking system, which allows managers and executives to locate their sales team in real-time. Here are some of the benefits of using GPS tracking to manage your sales force.

Increased productivity

GPS tracking system assists the sales management to increase productivity tremendously. Executives or managers can track their employees in real-time, figure out the shortest routes, guide the sales teams to priority locations and boost the sales.

By analysing the routes taken along with vehicle speed and idle duration, companies will be able to improve delivery times and lower vehicle mileage. Which in the result, helps sales team to develop better driving habits and work ethics. With the assistance of GPS tracking systems, you can hold your employees accountable for their actions and verify their actions in the field. Eliminating these issues will also increase overall productivity and reduce traffic tickets.


Companies with vehicle fleets pay for the fuel and overtime expenses of their employees. Many companies assign their sales representatives their own vehicle, therefore the management has a hard time identifying how much fuel is used for customer visits. GPS tracking devices make it very easy to gather vehicle telematics information such as mileage, fuel use, harsh cornering, sudden breaks and over-speed. With the precise data provided by GPS tracking system, managers can also get rid of false overtime and gas claims and identify the personal use of company vehicles. Detailed information about mileage reports, fuel usage and time tracking allow managers to optimise their operations.

Monitoring real-time locations

GPS tracking solutions provide real-time location of vehicles and managers can also set geo-fence zones for monitoring their sales teams. Geofence is a virtual boundary that you draw on a digital map. With the geofence feature, businesses can appoint sales representatives to a certain area and track their progress. If a staff member wanders off from their designated area, the system can be configured to send the sales manager an SMS or E-mail notification. This would prevent any territorial issues and using this data, managers can analyse the time an employee spent on a client, detect any unvisited clients, the frequency of visits to clients and schedule sales teams appointments for new customers more effectively. If a client has an urgent request; managers can locate and direct the nearest employee to the client and help them avoid heavy traffic on their way. Doing so increases customer satisfaction, and happy customers are the key for a business to succeed.

Analysing employee behaviour

The data provided by the GPS system helps the managers identify the champions among their team as well as employees who aren’t really cut out for the job. Some of your employees may not be suitable for the job and GPS tracking data will be a great tool help to recognise these employees. Speeding, harsh cornering, sudden breaks can be identified using the vehicle tracking data and managers will be able to figure out employees that are performing better.

Safety and security

The most important benefit of using tracking systems on your fleet is safety. Tracking systems increase the overall safety and security of the sales staff. Managers can always locate their employees quickly and send them help in case of an emergency. Members of the team can also be notified of heavy traffic, crowded routes to avoid possible accidents.

Salesforce supported by an advanced GPS tracking system will increase their sales exponentially and achieve great success. If you have a sales team, you should definitely consider investing in a GPS tracking system.