The stickiness of social: Why every business needs social media

It’s funny, in a way, that so many business owners brushed off social media as a fad. Here we are a decade later, on the other side of the mainstream adoption of the big platforms, and these same individuals are steadfast about using social as part of their growth and marketing strategies.

business needs social mediaSocial media is critical for business – it provides:

  • A free platform to connect with your community.
  • Robust analytics to help with improving optimization and R&D.
  • A playground for your creative side.

There couldn’t be a greater set of opportunities on the table. A business that refuses to participate in social media is one doomed to die. Especially since 81% of Americans use social media.

The thing is… you don’t have to become the expert to take advantage of these platforms. Services, such as those provided by Social Vantage, can provide the social media management, advertising, and design so you can focus on your business and managing the workplace. These services create a hands-off approach to tap into the vast opportunities found with the social landscape.

What are these opportunities?


Storytelling is an integral part of the social experience.

Telling a story about the development of a new product or how you changed a life through providing your services is highly engaging. It makes followers come back for more because it’s sincere. It’s not an aggressive campaign to buy, buy, buy.

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are fantastic for storytelling.

Multi-media customer service

Here’s the thing about the typical customer service experience:

  • Email support is slow
  • Not all people want to talk on the phone
  • Live chat is decent at best

Social, on the other hand, is rapid. It’s a real game changer considering they have these apps on their phone so no more waiting around for the ding of an email.

Even better is the video streaming and capturing capabilities. This creates face-to-face virtual interaction which develops a better relationship with your customers.


Social apps and platforms have integrated tools to tweak your media and content. You can be creative versus the rigid structure found in traditional advertising.

These tools are easy-to-use so you may add stickers, emojis, edit video, create interactive content, and more. Obviously it depends on the professionalism of your brand but social moves so fast that even if you publish something lackluster you’ll have plenty of time and resources to make something that eventually sticks – and when it does you’ll see the power of going viral.


The advertising and promotional tools built-in to these social platforms are simply amazing. They offer an extensive amount of data for targeting which cannot be found in other platforms.

If you pair your customer data to these social platforms you will save money by not wasting on reaching uninterested parties. You will also laser focus the offer you deliver, specific to the customer type.

Feedback loops & reviews

You already know the struggle in soliciting feedback and reviews on a website or review platform.

Social media is different because it catches the individual in the moment. Especially so when they’re using social on mobile. There’s less pressure.

Social can provide instant feedback and reviews but the best part is that it’s open to all – their feedback and reviews creates a buzz and starts discussions. These discussions may cultivate new leads and data to make considerable improvements!

It’s 2017 – you need social media

The marketplace has spoken… they love using social media.

Yes, some platforms come and go but social will forever be part of our online experience. The marketplace is established. They are out there leaving reviews, recommendations, making purchase, interacting with brands, and becoming die-hard fans.

If your business hasn’t jumped on board then know you’re on the path to a slow death.

No excuses. This isn’t something to ignore, especially since the heavy work can be passed to professionals thereby leaving you to stay focused on the big wins.