One simple product that saves time and money for e-commerce businesses

For consumers, the benefits of buying online is there to see. They are able to browse a huge selection of products and buy from the comfort of their own home. The explosion of smartphones means consumers now also have the option to buy on the go.

This convenience has meant more and more consumers have taken their shopping online. As the trend for e-commerce sales continues to grow, many businesses have recognised this and made it one of their prime objectives to establish or improve their online presence.

As more businesses look to go online, this will also lead to a change in a business’ internal processes and logistics for how they serve their customers.

The ability to efficiently process orders online and deliver goods to customers in the most timely and cost-efficient way possible is integral to an online business’ success. With this in mind, many e-commerce businesses have adopted the use of integrated labels to help cut costs and save on time during processing.

What is an integrated label?

Integrated labels are sticky labels that come included on an A4 sheet of paper. This label can be situated at either the top or bottom of the paper.

The size of the label can come in a variety of sizes to suit the differing needs of what details are required to be printed on it.

Highly recommended to make the process of fulfilling orders easier and more co-ordinated, integrated labels are fully compatible with leading e-commerce platforms including, Amazon and eBay.

They are commonly used by e-commerce businesses, multi-channel retailers and fulfilment houses. 

How will integrated labels help save time and money?

Using a single integrated label, this is commonly used to print a customer order’s invoice or picking slip. And then the label is used for the shipping label.

From integrating these two requirements together into one document instead of 2 separate entities, there are immediate benefits gained both from a time and money perspective.

Money is saved because the need to buy a label printer and the cost of printing labels separately is removed. As the label is included with the sheet of paper there will be no need to switch between printing on regular and adhesive paper and therefore a regular printer can be used to print both the invoice or picking slip and the shipping label at the same time.

Using integrated labels removes the need to print these documents separately which saves times. This approach also allows for a much more organised process as in having them kept together minimises the risk of errors being made. No longer will it be required to match invoices or picking slips with shipping labels, thus saving time and reducing the risks of mismatch errors such as sending a delivery to an incorrect address. 

Bonus tips using integrated labels!

In addition to single integrated labels, there is the option for e-commerce businesses to have more than one label on the sheet of paper. These are called double integrated labels (2 labels) and triple integrated labels (3 labels).

Having more than one label available, provides additional benefits to the already mentioned time and money saving benefits in using integrated labels.

With a double integrated label, the second available label is frequently used as a returns label. Providing this for the customer, allows for convenience should they wish to return the product. Making their whole online shopping experience simple, will lead to an increased level of satisfaction and likelihood of loyal customers and positive word of mouth.

The third label on triple integrated labels is commonly used as a marketing label. It is a great advertising opportunity for retailers to increase awareness on the latest promotions or to notify customers about an offer and encourage a repeat buy.