4 team building activities to do in London

Team building exercises have become quite trendy throughout the UK, and London is certainly no different. Corporate team building provides a number of benefits and good outcomes. Corporate days out run the gamut from attending sporting events, to charity works, and competitive events. Knowing the dynamics of your group will make the decision of which activity to host easier and it will likely be more welcomed by staff.

If you are looking to set up a great day out for your group, here are some of the best activities you can do in London:

Treasure hunts

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Especially when the backdrop is the city of London. And of course, there’s an app for it. GPS enabled treasure hunts puts a modern tech spin on a time-tested favourite. Most events companies will customise the hunt to suit the particularities of your firm, and they are sure to create many fond memories for everyone involved. In the midst of the fun, teams will get to know one another better and build on their skills. This can then be taken back to the office and applied to the work.


Whether it be a competitive sailing regatta, a power romp down the Thames, or Dragon Boat racing, a day out on the water is sure to create a positive atmosphere for your team building event. Boats provide great opportunities for working together as a unit, and the close quarters often bring out any underlying tensions. Races bring out a killer instinct and are also good forums to play to one’s strengths. Determining who is best suited for each position provides an opportunity to honestly assess the team members’ strengths and weaknesses.

“Assassin” and other adventure games

Games that take place on the streets of London are always an adventure filled with unforeseen antics and obstacles. Who knows what may happen next? GPS enables participants to play a virtual game with the city of London as the arena of competition. Search and destroy missions, hit man assignments along with cultural avengers are just a few of the many games that work well in London’s streets. Such street games can be customised to fit the culture and idiosyncrasies of your firm to make the experience that much more meaningful.

Traditional sports day

We may have loved or loathed sports day at our school, but there’s no denying that this activity is a great way to relieve tension and bring out the competitive side of us all. These activities require little more than a sturdy pair of trainers, shorts and a tee. A bit of nostalgia is on offer along with some fresh air and physical exertion, and what better than a three-legged race to forge deeper interaction? A day outside and away from the office will invigorate and revitalise morale, and time spent together competing in fondly remembered games will create stronger ties. With activities such as water balloon tosses and egg and spoon races, participants of all fitness levels feel welcome.

The best team building opportunities will have a set of desired outcomes and objectives. For the most engagement, involve the team in the decision-making process and provide input into the implementation of the team building exercises.

When looking to book a corporate outing to build your team spirit, Team Tactics events are second to none, both in event originality as well as customer care. London provides the perfect backdrop for a day out of the office with your staff. Team building is an activity that when done on a regular basis, will create a camaraderie amongst staff members and enrich the overall work experience.