Four software programs your business should consider

While many businesses once relied upon machinery, manpower and other forms of “hardware” to get the job done, the business world is increasingly dependent upon software solutions. From managing schedules to organizing inventory, there are a plethora of software solutions that can more efficiently manage every aspect of a business’ day-to-day operations. Since software doesn’t require a salary or breaks in order to function properly, it has been a no-brainer for businesses to invest more in these assets.

Here are four software programs that your business should definitely consider if it wants to maximize efficiency and profit over the long-term.


Digital transformation solutions are definitely in demand because the disruptive nature of technology has forced businesses to adapt. One solution for ensuring a seamless transition to digital is, which provides a plethora of integrated features for businesses of all types. It offers cloud services, analytics solutions, mobile BPM software, and process modeling assistance; there are dozens of unique digital transformation options available to clients that need to bring their businesses into the 21st century. With an extensive community and separate forums for each of its main products, customer service and collaboration with other businesses are both easily accessible and productive experiences.


Dealing with human resource logistics remains one of the biggest challenges for growing companies. To ensure compliance and accurate accounting procedures, programs like Zenefits have become wildly popular. One useful component of Zenefits is that it can be configured to run many of its tasks automatically; once configured, businesses can rest assured knowing that the majority of the logistics behind HR will be handled automatically. From benefits and payroll management/processing to tax concerns, Zenefits can handle all of it. Whether you employ contractors or full-time employees, the software is versatile enough to keep track of it all from one centralized location.


For businesses that handle client appointments and interviews, wouldn’t it be great if a program could juggle all of these concerns instead of a human being? Thankfully, Booker is a versatile scheduling tool that is used and configured via websites and social media platforms. Rather than allocating man-hours to field customer appointments, Booker can be accessed by any device and will automatically ensure that you never overbook or have conflicting appointments. With promotional features built right in, integrating Booker makes it easy to get the most out of any marketing campaign.


Every business needs a flexible accounting system. With FreshBooks, small businesses can benefit from its streamlined interface. A more simplified version of QuickBooks, this program can be integrated with dozens of commonly used programs and applications, ensuring optimal in-house performance. Functioning via the Cloud, FreshBooks is affordable and makes organizing expenses, communicating with clients and tracking man-hours easier than ever.

With so many pieces of software for businesses to consider, a few crucial elements are important. Integration with existing services, affordable pricing and automated features are just a few of the many benefits businesses value in software solutions. Undoubtedly, these four programs can add true value to any business and help simplify workflow in a number of ways.