5 reasons to hire a removals company for your office move

Moving your business to a new location has many benefits including additional space for your growing team, a more prestigious address or a better location and facilities to host prospective clients. In turn this will have a positive impact on staff morale, productivity and efficiency, ultimately leading to increased bottom line sales.

Moving offices can open many doors to exciting new opportunities for growth and should be a time of great excitement. Yet for so many business owners, moving office can be a complicated, time consuming and stressful journey into an unknown world. However, it doesn’t need to be. Achieving a successful office move requires two things – 1) thorough planning and 2) an experienced and respected removals company managing the move.

removals company

We asked Virpi from Move In Matters who do removals Bicester said: “Hiring a good removals company is worth paying a little extra for if it means everything goes smoothly and you have very little stress”.

Let’s explore 5 reasons why you should use a removals company for your next office move.

Professional advice

Businesses undertaking an office relocation and employing the help of professional removalists can benefit from physical help with lifting, carrying and loading as well as practical advice for packing and unpacking. Choosing a professional removals company with a proven track record of high customer satisfaction and success will make a huge difference to your moving experience and should be top of your list of priorities. “When selecting a removals company, try contacting three or four reputable moving companies that are accredited and are members of the British Association of Movers (BAR) as this will mean they have the necessary training, expertise and experience to carry out your move,” advises Anthony Robinson of Oxford removals company, Robinsons Relocation.

Minimise stress

Organising an office move is no easy task and can be extremely stressful without a clear process in place. Having a good removals company in your corner will allow you to supervise the overall process but without the pressures of having to work out the logistics of getting your items out of your old office space and into your new one. If you are overwhelmed and not sure where to start then letting the professionals take over will ensure you keep focussed on what you do best – running your business.

Eliminate risk

Some removal companies are able to insure your items during transit, for an additional fee. With so much risk involved when moving expensive office equipment including damage, loss and theft, this extra service provides reassurance that your items are covered and you won’t be out of pocket. When choosing a removals company, it is important to ask about their insurance policies and make sure you understand the procedure in case you need to ever make a claim.

Limit business downtime

Hiring a professional removals company is essential for a move of this magnitude, safeguarding you from any critical mistakes that may arise further down the line and result in downtime for your business. Your moving company should be able to supply you with the correct boxes and moving supplies to help you keep your computers and other equipment safe and properly organised throughout the relocation.

To help ensure your IT infrastructure is disassembled and re-assembled as efficiently as possible, some removal companies will have trusted partners and specialists in place to help manage the IT and telecoms of your company. Keep communication channels open with your removals company throughout the duration of your move and if you have any concerns or worries then ask for help – remember they are experienced movers and the chances are extremely high that they encounter your problem on a daily basis in their everyday work.

Cut costs

When moving offices (and as the rent can be a burden on businesses), it is also the best opportunity to re-think the use of the floor space rented, and for example, move all archives into storage. In this instance, using a professional removals and storage company is the perfect “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” solution.