Why should take up an SMSTS course

There are two types of courses that you should take up if you’re working in the construction field. One is the SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) and the other one is the SMSTS-R (Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher).

SMSTS course

They rely on transmitting information related to health and security systems on construction sites, but also information about the environment, welfare and other moral or legal responsibilities. Despite this, many people are reluctant to follow up such a course. Here are a couple of reasons for which you should take up an SMSTS course:

  1. To become a better site manager

Many people seem to think that it is an easy task to be a good site manager. However, it implies lots of responsibilities and risks. In order to be prepared for almost any situation that might arise, such a course it is extremely helpful. You will hear about lots of problems and risks that site managers have experienced in the past and you will learn how to handle them.

  1. Look for new job opportunities

Such a course can be helpful if you want to look for a better job or advance. Boosting your CV may actually result in a new, better-paid position, so why not make a small effort and become a better professional in your field of choice?

  1. It is fast

You will not spend years working on this course, on the contrary. It is actually quite quick to complete, so it will not stress you for a long period of time. They usually last five days, but you can also choose to have a day release course. Alternatively, you can also have a full working week consecutive study days.

  1. New qualifications

Keeping up with the latest health and security norms not only will make you a better professional, but it will also boost your self-confidence. A new qualification will make you be better seen in the industry and will also offer you more credibility when it comes to professional expertise.

  1. Refreshers

You can also enjoy a refresher course for the SMSTS whenever you feel the need. As such, you don’t have to stress out that you will forget what you studied. You can always take up the refresher course, which is shorter, plus you will be up to date with the latest changes and regulations available in the industry.

  1. Find online resources

Even though you can’t take up an online SMSTS course, you can find lots of useful learning resources on the web. One example is the We Do Training website, where you can find more about this type of resources and other useful and updated information that might come in handy.