Renting your office: Why buying might not be the best solution

There are many misconceptions about the way in which you acquire a certain asset. Many keep clear of renting in a business environment due to the fact that they would not own the asset and therefore could not completely control what happens to it.

renting office

It is understandable why business owners might think that way, but there are clear benefits to renting that could make them change their minds. For example, a company might settle for a used boiler instead of a new one just because they depend on a less than optimal budget. Renting can take care of that problem. Here are some of the problem-solvers that come with renting.

  • Renting with a company like Global Guardians allows a business to more efficiently use their budget and not just use it all on just one asset. It is very important to optimally and efficiently distribute the budget according to necessary expenses and company requirements. If there is only one asset requirement taken care of, it might mean a major setback for the business. Renting allows you to spend smaller amount of money when the deal is initially struck, thus giving you more time and resources to handle the rest of your business.
  • Through renting, you can make sure that the asset you are renting will have the necessary maintenance since it will not fall under your duties. It is the job of the renter to assure the functioning and quality of the asset therefore you will also get free maintenance for your business. If you were to handle this part yourself it would have cost extra and we’ve just been over how you would rather use your budget for more efficient and profitable investments.
  • Sometimes, a company is in need of a specific product or asset only for a limited period of time. Anything beyond period would just be a wasted investment. But many companies also go through season demand cycles which bring that same asset into the spotlight. Instead of having to choose between buying something that it can only use or benefit off of for a limited period of time, or continue to re-buy the same asset over and over again during the season demand, a company can choose to rent it. By renting it, you are saving money and only spending on an amount of time that is necessary.

That being said, it’s quite easy to see why a company would rent an asset instead of buying it. While this is highly relative based on the size and value of not only the asset but of the company as well, it can be a great solution for most small and medium-sized companies that are depending on a tighter budget.