5 simple e-commerce tips to make a drastic sales difference

One of the most efficient ways to make sure that a product, service or strategy works for your business is to test everything. In e-commerce, there is always enough room to improve and regular testing allows you to discover new milestones and devise strategies to meet ever changing goals.

E-commerce sales strategies have become more complex than simply adding keywords and Meta tags in sales copies. If you are testing your strategies and doing everything by the book but are unable to boost your sales, then the following tips can help you in making a drastic difference in sales.

  1. Aim to offer less, but better

Access to information has become easier than ever, which is why people are unwilling to spend time in understanding content which is hard to read. Gone are the days when people scanned each word in your sales copy. Today, the visitors want refined, easy to scan and simple to interpret information. The right way to attract more visitors’ to your website is to offer them your best products. Post featured products and best sellers on your best landing pages. Try not to position more than five products on main landing page. In fact, nowadays marketers recommend putting up only one or two products in an attempt to encourage people to visit other sections of your website and explore more products.

More than 5 products on your landing page can lead to information overload for visitors, who might have already visited competitor sites before landing on your page.

  1. Focus on CRO

Conversion rate optimisation techniques have evolved over the years to cater to the ever-changing needs of consumers. For example, it has been estimated that the highest traffic generating source by 2020 will be mobile browsing. Therefore, understanding CRO should be of primary importance to internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

  • The first step is to analyse visitor source and their behaviour.
  • The second step is to test the small areas on your landing pages which successfully convert visitors into leads. Create strategies to improve the functionality of landing page areas that do not convert visitors.
  • Track all your conversions. Use customer feedback and real-time surveys to assess the performance of your e-commerce website. Do not ignore visitor comments.

A clear call-to-action is necessary for boosting your conversion rates.

  1. Consider the speed

When it comes to e-commerce, there are two types of speed to consider:

Page loading speed: People want to explore the products or services on your website, especially if they are impressed with the featured products displayed on landing pages. However, if your inner pages take a lot of time to load, chances are that visitors will switch to other pages or close the window. Concentrate on decreasing the loading time of your e-commerce website pages to increase time spent by visitors on your page.

The speed of purchase process: Around 34% people abandon the checkout process before completing it, and the main reason behind this is the speed of purchase process. Many times before completing the checkout process people add/delete a few products from their shopping cart. Hence, the speed of purchase process can have a direct impact on the customer’s shopping experience. Keep the process simple and ensure visitors that their information will be safe to make them feel valued and secure.

  1. Build trust

There are two ways to build trust among your website visitors, and converting them into loyal customers.

Use trust badges: Around 75% of potential customers avoid purchasing from an e-commerce store that does not contain security badges. This trust can have a strong impact on visitors as people are increasingly worried about rising rates of cyber-crime. If you also have a physical store, then make sure to display its address and phone number on your landing pages.

Improve brand recognition and value: Unlike trust badges which have been known to generate immediate ROI, brand recognition and value helps generate long-term benefits and passive ROI. You can improve brand value by personalising the shopping experience, improving customer services and adding brand value to sales copies.

  1. Focus on content

We have been saying this for years – nothing can boost your sales more than unique content. It is important to have content which addresses what people are looking for. Write short and to the point sales copies and keep your policies simpler. All content on your website should be simple and easy to understand, including your call-to-action, product descriptions, registration guides etc.

Tracking your conversion rate can provide you with clear and well-defined goals, and significantly boost your sales.