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UK businesses struggling to reach unpredictable British consumers

Despite rarely being more than a few inches away from our smartphones, a majority of British consumers (68%) say they would not respond to a company trying to contact them to schedule a delivery, according to research from ContactEngine, specialists in helping businesses improve their customer journeys.

The ContactEngine research that polled 1,000 people across the UK found that only one in three people actively engage with customer service when a parcel is due for delivery, resulting in millions of miscommunications between customers and service providers each year.

UK businesses are also finding it difficult to connect with their customers; 44% of UK consumers said there’s no regular or convenient time during their day for a service provider to contact them to arrange for a delivery of a product or service they had ordered. Nor is there an ideal day, although Saturday is the best for them, according to 29% of people polled. Surprisingly 22% of people stated that Mondays was the best day to take delivery of a product or service.

In regards to time of delivery, it seems the traditional 9 to 5 service offered by so many UK businesses no longer suits the unpredictable British consumer. 41% said that deliveries between 5pm and 8am were preferred; a significant 35% stated there is not a set time for them to take a delivery. Only 28% maintain that deliveries between 9-5 were the best time to get them at home.

Dr. Mark K. Smith, CEO of ContactEngine, commented, “This research provides fascinating insight into the challenges facing customer-facing businesses. British consumers are busy and more empowered than ever to do things their way. As a result, businesses need to re-think how and when they engage with their customers and to find the optimal time and methods to contact people with unpredictable schedules and behaviour. The trick is to be one step ahead by providing customers with as many communication options as possible.”