3 reasons why team building activities do work

Whether you are a multinational company employing thousands, or a small local family business, if you want a productive and efficient team, it is essential that the individuals in your business can work well together.

For those in a team leader position, one of the most challenging aspects of the role is building a team and ensuring people with different skills and varying personalities can work together coherently, and generally enjoy each other’s company!

For this, a method to help aid the development of a team’s ability to work together that has increased in popularity is using team bonding activities. With these, the team would often be taken out of the office for the day to participate in team building exercises with the aim of boosting team performance and morale.

And as the popularity for this method continues, so has the diverse list of activities that are made available to choose from.

Whereas in the past, activities tended to be the classic types such as solving a puzzle together, more exciting and dynamic ideas are now offered so they are memorable and fun for those involved.

Whether it is a trip to the city for a session in a recording studio in London to see if you can all gel together as a rock band or a paintballing trip in a forest battling it out to bring out your competitive side, team bonding activities have become increasingly stimulating in their approach in connecting people together and building team trust.

Regardless of what you choose to do, team building activities successfully improve a team’s ability to work well together in the workplace. Here are 3 reasons why.

Socialising with your colleagues

Improving how a team communicates and connects with each other is one of the primary reasons for why companies organise a team building day.

Particularly for offices where there are different departments, it can be apparent that each department does not know what the other does. For example, despite actually being quite important for each other’s functionality, it is likely to be rare that someone in the marketing department has had much face to face interaction with accounts.

Team building activities provide the opportunity for individuals that otherwise do not talk to each other but rely on each other in the workplace, the chance to socialise together. In becoming closer, this boosts morale in the overall office because people who get on well, work better together. This therefore increases productivity of the office.

Building a company culture for innovation

When you think of some of the most successful brands such as, Apple and Google, one of the reasons for why they continue to prosper is due to their team and a company culture that promotes constant innovation.

To be innovative requires a team to have imagination and creativity. Teams with individuals that like each other’s company collaborate fluently and effectively because they understand each other’s strengths and limitations, which means a stronger and better suited workplace to be innovative. In being innovative, it permits for you to have a business that continually grows and is competitive.

Unleashing the competitiveness in all of us

Healthy competition has shown to increase productivity. Having a competing business can help drive a company further in striving to continually grow.

A driven and focused team can be developed when it is a collective of competitive individuals, that are united towards a shared goal such as pushing the company to be better than its competitors.

Team building activities that promote competition will give individuals the opportunity to channel the competitive energy within a team situation and work together to beat the opposition.

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