Choosing the right building for your business

Choosing the right building for your business can make or break your success. Where to base your business is one of the most important decisions you will make, and it needs careful consideration and planning.

It is important to take into account all factors that come into your choice of building. Choosing wrong could cost you money, clients, and in the worst case it could mean the end of your business. According to the Office for National Statistics in Westminster, only 37 percent of new business start ups survived for a period of five years from 2010, many of which could be a direct result of choosing the wrong building. Take a moment to reflect on the needs and goals of your business, and follow our tips to make it a success.


Choosing the right location is essential. Consider the geography of your clients, and where you should ideally be situated to access to your target audience. You should be within easy reach, and you should choose a building in an area that is respected in your field. It will benefit the reputation of your business and inspire confidence and respect in your clients.

Berkley Square is considered one of the most illustrious addresses in London, due to its high-society reputation, the affluence of the area and the history of tradition that it enjoys. Pastor Real Estate are offering a beautiful commercial property on Berkley Square that fulfils many of the most coveted requirements. Located just moments from the Pastor Real Estate offices on Curzon Street, it is a rare addition to the commercial rentals market. Its location in the heart of Mayfair with close proximity to bars, restaurants and Green Park Underground Station makes it attractive to clients.

Competitors in the area

When starting a business, you need to have an idea about who your competitors are, and how your business stands apart from them. The same applies to choosing a location for your business. You should choose somewhere where you are not too surrounded by competitors. Being in a unique location helps you to stand out and allows potential clients to discover you first.

Mayfair has a rich history and culture famous for corporate business. Berkley Square offers a unique and glamorous location that invokes the Mayfair tradition.

The right building

What will your business need to function and become a success? Your building will be the physical home of your business where your employees spend the majority of their time. Optimising your office space is vital to create a working environment that brings out the best in your employees.

The right building will offer as many amenities as possible to help you improve your business. Several terraces and balconies provide excellent views over Berkley Square, and floor-to-ceiling windows allow for ample natural light which has been shown to increase productivity and happiness levels in employees.

A top range alarm system provides security, which is a factor that cannot be discounted. The possibility for a fibre-optic internet line is a great asset that will benefit any business wanting to stay connected and work at the fastest pace possible.

While it might sound trivial, it is important to consider even the smallest details, such as the air conditioning. Air conditioning will contribute greatly to your employees’ comfort and, as an extension of this, their productivity.

For you as an employer, it is important to consider how you can make your employees comfortable while saving on budget. Air conditioning is classed as an ordinary and necessary business expense, and as such it is tax deductible.


Consider who will need access to your building, and at what times. Will all your employees be working the same hours? Are you providing them with keys, or would you prefer a doorman? An ideal building will provide 24-hour access.

In prime central London, finding a parking space can be difficult, but the property Pastor real Estate offers on Berkley Square provides parking space for up to four cars. Parking in Mayfair is costly, and by providing it free, you as an employer can avoid excessive expenditure for your employees. This has been shown to boost satisfaction levels and employee loyalty, and any expenses for a business stemming from providing a parking spot are exempt from tax.

Once you have determined what sort of building you need, it is time to contact a real estate agent who will help you find the best option.

Pastor Real Estate draw on their expert knowledge of the prime central London commercial property market to offer your business the ideal property. Get in touch with Pastor Real Estate’s team today to find out more.