How to build relationships with team events

Building relationships within a team can be a lengthy process, especially if staff work in different shift patterns and don’t see each other for lengths of time. Building these relationships can lead to a more cohesive team and create a work environment. This can then lead to a more successful and motivated workforce.

CR Events explain how team events can provide ample opportunities to foster the relationships which will benefit your business.

Challenge your staff

Physical and mental challenges, tackled in teams, are a fantastic way to encourage a better working relationship between staff. Pushing staff mentally and physically while encouraging staff to help and support each other can help to foster and encourage a better relationship between members of staff.

Some ideas for this sort of event include:

It’s a Knockout – A fun team event, where staff get to take themselves less seriously, running obstacle courses in oversized costumes. This is a great way to break the ice between staff, have fun and cheer each other on. Building a better sense of camaraderie between your staff in a memorable way.

Escape rooms – If you’d rather challenge your staff mentally an escape room can be a fantastic opportunity. Teams are locked in a purpose-built room filled with puzzles and riddles which need to be solved against the clock in order to get out. This can help improve relationships but also help staff to work together on improving their problem-solving ability.

Scavenger hunts – A great combination of the physical and mental is a scavenger hunt. Teams of staff have to explore a location and solve riddles to lead them to their next destination. This is a great way to encourage staff to work together while leading them to a fun destination such as a meal, show or night out.

Social experiences

Instead of getting your team to mentally and physically exert themselves you could provide more relaxed options as ways of helping teams to relax and socialise in a more sedate way.

Fun social activities for teams could include: 

Cooking lessons Learning a skill collectively can promote a sense of unity. Cooking as a group is a fantastic way to work together before getting to sit down and enjoy a meal afterwards, this could be done as a part of a team night out, meeting to enjoy a restaurant kitchen experience before hitting the town. You could also run several of these events, each time introducing staff to different cuisine from around the world, helping to create a theme to the event.

Wine tastingSimilar to a cooking a relaxed wine tasting event can be a great group learning experience. Learning how to taste wine and discussing each drink can help staff to learn to communicate better with each other. Wine tasting could be the start to a staff night out, or it could be part of the itinerary for a trip to somewhere in Europe such as France, Italy or Spain.

Team-building events help to promote better communication, which helps teams learn to work better together. Encouraging your staff to communicate and providing opportunities to get to know each other can lead to a more cohesive sales team, which can reap massive rewards for a business.