Tips to design persuasive marketing material

Designing a marketing material that sells doesn’t have to be bound by certain rules. It’s okay to go out of the way and come up with a unique idea that truly stands out. However, there are some elements that should be taken into consideration to make your marketing material attractive, interactive and compelling.

Understand your target group

It is really important to establish a connection with your audience. You must know the hands your marketing material would go in and the eyes that would be looking at it. The elements in your marketing material must identify with your prospects’ mindset and how they respond to them will determine your success as a marketer.

Define the purpose clearly

What are you planning to achieve with your advertising material? Whether you want to provide information or generate leads, the design elements should focus on the ultimate purpose.

Encourage call to action

The sole purpose of a marketing material is to drive sales. Give your prospects something to act upon, which should lead to conversion and help your business generate revenue as expected. Usually, a call to action means purchase but in some cases, it could be simply telling viewers to get in touch. The call to action should not be misleading or confusing. Keep it simple and clear.

Leave an impact

The greater the impact, the longer will you be remembered. Use copywriting or attractive design elements to engage your prospects and leave a lasting impression on their minds. You may also incorporate some witty, amusing or entertaining elements to catch attention and leave a lasting impact. If your marketing material has high recall rate, it will definitely work wonders for your business.

Provide all the information

If your prospects get from your marketing material what they might be looking for, they are highly likely to contact you or do whatever you had mentioned in ‘call to action’. The information should be succinct and well-presented. Too much or too less or erroneous information will only repel viewers, and they may never trust you again with the similar piece of information. Give them the amount of information they can absorb and reflect on.

What are the design elements that attract viewer’s attention?

The overall layout and format of your marketing material play a vital role in generating an influence that could lead to conversions. The kind of colours you use on your booklets printing, how minimal yet eye-catching your business cards are and things like that often make or break the purpose of your marketing material.

When it comes to designing marketing material, size does matter. There’s no point creating a large format leaflet when the job could be done with A4 size material. Talk to your printing agency in case you want a different size for your marketing material.

How to distribute your printed marketing material?

You will want to make sure that your marketing material goes to the right hands. One-on-one distribution of marketing materials is an effective way to ensure that. You know your target audience better and next you have to do is separate your prospects from the rest of the crowd. This wouldn’t be easy initially and you might have to face indifference from people, but eventually, you’ll get along.

Marketing is a tricky game. Right from designing the marketing material to distribution, every step is crucial and so should it be well-contemplated. Most marketing campaigns have a lot of money riding on them, and as a business owner, you must make sure that every penny counts.