4 HR technology will save your business money and frustration

Think you don’t have time to look for new HR tech, much less implement it into your work environment? Think again. It’s true that employees are reluctant to adopt new technology due to the “fear of the unknown,” but there are ways to prevent most of this reluctancy and come out on top.

HR technologyStart by getting the most influential employees on board, and offer rewards and incentives for adopting the new system. If the HR tech you choose is user-friendly and solves a long-standing issue for your business, it is more than worth it! Read on to find out the new types of HR tech and how they can improve upon not only your company’s budget, but the workflow and productivity it generates, as well.

  1. ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

The hiring process is something that can make or break a company’s potential for success. Well-established company culture is the foundation for a great team, but how do you find the individuals to add to it? A modern ATS lets you streamline the recruitment process, keeping all of your hiring to-dos and candidate documents in one platform. The ideal ATS will come with the ability to have unlimited team members collaborate for maximum effect.

Problem: Disorganisation and chaos due to sticking to file cabinets, spreadsheets, and emailing back and forth with candidates and about candidates in your own work mailbox.

Solution: Recruitee

Recruitee is a cloud-based ATS that has kept up with the modernisation we are seeing in HR software upgrades. Recruitee 3.0, an updated version of the platform with notifications and a Slack integration, was currently released, shortly after the announcement of its iOS and Android apps. The functionality of the platform is not only collaborative, but aesthetically-pleasing. It gives candidates a sense of whom they will be working with and employees a sense of how to impact the hiring process for the better. This saves money and time in so many areas, but particularly by allowing for better hiring decisions to be made and less resources to be spent on finding documents, losing track of candidates, and firing and rehiring for a position that you placed poorly.

  • Streamlines the hiring process
  • Allows for unlimited team members
  • Keeps data safe and secure
  • Has in-platform mailbox for candidate interactions
  • Pricing is affordable and based on active jobs
  1. Payroll and Benefits Software

In addition to hiring software, you will want to acquire a separate payroll and benefits system. While the idea of finances is as old as time, there are certain issues that can arise if this department isn’t handled with care and kept up. Modern security breaches are something to thinking about when shopping for a payroll and benefits system. This should lead you to a safe, cloud-based solution.

Problem: Safety issues regarding security of employee financial and personal information.

Solution: Gusto

  • Suite contains everything from payroll to retirement plans
  • Automates taxes, W-2s, and worker’s comp
  • Offers health plan advice from experts
  • Keeps everything in one place and organised
  1. Gamification Tools

Financial information in your business is concrete and can be determined logically and reasonably well-maintained. Hiring decisions, however, are riddled with biases that can sway the outcome and overall culture of the business if you are not careful! No matter how unbiased you think you are or strive to be, there are always going to be unconscious biases that slip in and influence your decisions. Be aware that you are unaware, and take steps to fix it! Gamification is a new, science-backed application that can help assess candidates in a non-biased way.

Problem: Unconscious biases swaying hiring decisions and affecting things such as diversity and company culture; assessment of candidates is messy and takes too long, never getting down to the bottom of the candidates’ true characteristics; not enough resources to assess candidates properly.

Solution: Pymetrics for employers

  • Allows for predictive hiring
  • Based on neuroscience and big data
  • Thwarts biases, claiming to be 100% bias-free
  • Increases diversity
  • Improves efficiency and retention
  • Allows for thorough assessment of candidates with less resources needed
  1. 360 Feedback

Once-a-year performance reviews have come under fire for being too little, too late. Only 55 percent of employees feel as though performance management appraisals are effective. When they are at the end of the year and based on the entire year’s performance, things that should have been said along the way can’t be fixed now and are seen as unnecessary scrutiny by the employees. They have become more of a formality than a helpful tactic. The good news is that HR tech offers a way to fix that: 360 feedback.

Problem: End-of-year performance reviews are underwhelming and don’t fix problems before they arise.

Solution: Impraise

  • Offers continuous feedback
  • Allows for communication between coworkers, rather than just direct supervisors critiquing their inferiors
  • Encourages honest opinions
  • Happens in real-time, allowing for quicker fixes to be made
  • Increases employee engagement and boosts morale

Implementing HR tech can be simple and cost-effective if you use the suggestions outlined above! The impact that tech advancements are having on human resources aren’t as negative as they are sometimes portrayed. Keep the “human” in human resources by using HR tech the right way. Streamline certain processes, like candidate assessment and peer feedback. This will allow time for even more human contact with the help of technology! The future is now. Let’s get on board!

By Perry Oostdam is the co-founder and CEO of Recruitee