How to create a killer crowdfunding campaign

If you’ve got a passion project you want to launch, but just can’t find the funding, why not tap into the people power of crowdfunding? With a few expert pointers, it could be easier than you think to create a killer crowdfunding campaign.

Whether you’re a business fundraising pro or a complete rookie, crowdfunding could hold the key to your success, and with a little expert help, you could find yourself on the fast track to funding. When you consider that many campaigns have raised millions, plainly the stakes are high and crowdfunding is clearly for the changemakers. So, you owe it to yourself to find out more and really nail the funding you need.

Click to crack crowdfunding

Now, a perfect solution is at hand to help you launch a standout campaign, as the helpful team at LEOcrowd, a pioneering crowdfunding platform, have put together a series of 11 invaluable videos, covering all the crowdfunding bases. A wide range of guidance on Planning Your Project and Business Success Strategies provides all you need to know to completely crack crowdfunding.

Jeff’s top tips for success

However, just to get you started on the road to success, here are five top tips from Jeff Spires, crowdfunding expert at LEOcrowd:

  1. Plan your project – Don’t let your project be half-baked, plan ahead. Before launching your campaign, research previous successful projects, to see what works and also look at unsuccessful campaigns, to learn where they may have fallen down.
  2. Be positive and persuasive – Your project pitch is your business plan, so be persuasive. Choose your words carefully, using positive language to appeal to potential backers. Telling a good story is all-important!
  3. People fund people – Show potential backers the people behind the campaign. If you are passionate about your project, let them know. One way to do this is to create a compelling video. Campaigns with a good video tend to raise more than those without. However, keep it short (around two minutes is best) and attention grabbing.
  4. Perfect perks – Offer great rewards – this is vital! Providing a variety of perks always proves popular – perhaps up to seven tiers of rewards, depending on the level of donation. When deciding what to offer, just think what would appeal to you – it’s that straightforward!
  5. Promotion, promotion, promotion  Promote your project like crazy! Don’t wait until your crowdfunding campaign launches, drum up support in advance. Speak to as many people as possible and make good use of social media. Host events and keep backers informed – be sure to post updates, perhaps three to five, as campaigns with several updates tend to be more successful.

So, what are you waiting for? With such cracking advice at the click of a cursor, now’s the time to follow your dreams and crowdfund your way to business success!