How to futureproof your business

What does future-proofing your business actually mean? Often, a focus on ensuring IT systems are up-to-date is the answer to that question, but in reality to futureproof your business means much more than this.

Today we’re going to look at ways to futureproof your business that some people might often overlook which can cause issues in the long run.


You can have the best product in the world on sale or your business can be the best in it’s niche, but unless you take the time to market your product or business that means nothing.

Many businesses are stuck in the past relying on traditional marketing techniques such as print an TV which all work very well, but this is 2017, digital is king and the internet is everything.

A website today is no longer a luxury for a business it’s a necessity! And just having a site isn’t good enough anymore, the amount of competition for everything in the digital world you need to heavily invest in digital marketing in at least some way, weather that be investing in an SEO agency, buying PPC ads in google or setting up an email marketing campaign with email marketing software like Email Octopus.

Whatever you do you can not sleep on the internet, other wise you wont be around much longer.

Expand as much as you can

Now this may seem simple, but to keep your business going into the future you’re going to need access to the biggest pool of possible clients that you can have, this means one thing… expansion!

In the past this would be a mean feat to achieve but today it’s easier than ever. For starters you can simply get a virtual office in another country or are of your country, giving you a presence in a new market for minimal cost.

Or if you have a little more financial mobility you can always go the old fashion way and just open new locations to get your presence in these markets, just anyway you can expand your market presence will keep you in business. As an example, a company I used to work with have recently opened a new office in Manchester to expand their market reach.

Keep your head in the cloud

Cloud services have become the single most influential change to how businesses develop new products and services for their customers. Hosted systems that give your business complete access from multiple devices from any location should be a central component of your future-proofing. The cloud is only going to offer even more services at lower cost in the future. Make sure your business is at the forefront to take advantage.

To be able to give all of your customers/ clients up do date information about anything and everything they could want to know is an amazing feat, of which people are starting to think of as standard.

If your competitors can stay updated to the second so should you and you can not afford to fall behind in the race to control the cloud.


There is little doubt that future-proofing your business technologies is a priority. As the sands of the digital marketplace continue to shift under your company, having the right systems in place to take advantage of new trends that become ubiquitous products and services should be your focus today.